How to use IPRoyal proxy with an anti-detect browser

Need a promo code for a 20 % discount from IPRoyal proxy? Or haven't you chosen a proxy service to work with yet? We will briefly but meaningfully tell you about the possibilities of IPRoyal, provide relevant information to help you make the right choice.

In a world where the possibilities of "big brother" and the volume of processed information are rapidly increasing, the number of hacker attacks, national and other blockages are rapidly growing, working on the Internet through intermediary servers is becoming a necessity, not a wish. Undetectable browser together with a proxy from a trusted service allow you to solve this problem to the extent required by a particular user. Today we are going to introduce our trustworthy partner – IPRoyal.

Promo code for a 20 % discount

The work of any program for anonymous access to the Internet is carried out through intermediary servers. Therefore, each user is interested in ensuring that the proxy service works stably, and it is not necessary to overpay for its services. We are glad to present a reliable partner and the opportunity to save 20 % on payment for his services.

To get this bonus, please, use the following instructions:

  • Follow the link
  • Fill in the fields of the first registration form
  • When filling out the extended registration form, enter the promo code "undetectable20" in the appropriate field

After that, a 20 % discount will be personally applied to your order of IPRoyal proxy services.

Description of the service: the main advantages and areas of use

A full or even medium-sized IPRoyal overview requires the volume of a book or a thick brochure. There is no need to provide all this information here, because everything is described in detail on the service's website. To the attention of our readers, we will present only the most important thing.

Rotating home and mobile IP addresses

The main principle of action for bypassing anti-spam systems of various resources is that the activity of the IP address used should be the same as that of an ordinary user. When parsing or promoting in social networks, you have to send identical or similar requests, enter the resource through the first, tenth, .... the hundredth account over and over again. If you work in this mode for a long time, the anti-spam algorithm will be activated and the IP address will be banned. On the contrary, the address of an ordinary user whose interests are diverse, who visits different sites, does not stay anywhere for a long time, or does not perform similar actions, will not be banned.

IPRoyal went three ways to reliably emulate the work of an ordinary user:

  • IPRoyal widely use 4G mobile proxy servers

Since it is the mobile communication segment that is growing rapidly today, this method of accessing the network causes the least suspicion.

  • As part of a home proxy network, are offered authentic addresses belonging to real people

Such IP addresses are used for a significant part of the time by ordinary Internet users, and the rest of time they are used by IPRoyal clients. Therefore, virtual users created and working through a proxy, for example, in an Undetectable browser are indistinguishable from ordinary visitors, when viewed from various resources.

  • Fixing addresses for a short time and their rotation

When ordering a service, the client chooses an address which is fixed for a day or a rotating address. Due to the frequent change of each individual proxy, monotonous statistics, which can cause a reaction from anti-spam systems, do not accumulate.

High speed operation

It is considered to be an indisputable conclusion that working through an intermediary server inevitably leads to a decrease in traffic. This is formally true, because a new element with its own speed and other technical limits is added to the chain. IPRoyal managed to cope with it! The service has implemented a caching system for frequently visited web pages. As a result, you do not have to repeatedly broadcast the same images, ads and other elements, and the transmission speed of relevant information increases.

Where and how it is used

Thanks to the measures described above, the share of no-failure time on IPRoyal reaches 99.9 %, and the speed of 100 MB/s is the norm. Therefore, customers of the service promptly solve problems in the following main areas:

  • Data collection on stock and commodity markets
  • Working with multiple accounts in social networks
  • Scanning the output of search engines
  • Improving network security
  • Protection of brand, copyright and commercial rights
  • Checking the placement of the ordered advertisement
  • Testing websites and Internet services
  • Removal of geoblocking and other restrictions on access to content

How to use Undetectable browser with IPRoyal proxy

It is also convenient to use IPRoyal because the service offers a wide range of service packages. If desired, you can buy only one proxy, or you can buy dozens or hundreds of addresses. If there are used a small number of proxies, it is more convenient to use the input form in the Undetectable browser – this is a special window in which you need to specify the host, port, password. In the case of dozens or hundreds of used IP addresses, using the "Proxy Manager" will be more helpful. It gives the opportunity to upload and download template files, in which it is convenient to create and edit proxy lists of arbitrary size in text form. Detailed information on this topic is given in the documentation on our website.


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