Are you looking for an inexpensive, but reputable and technically reliable proxy? We recommend Shifter with 31 million IP addresses to those who know how to make the right choice, who do not want to pay for advertised supernova tools of dubious usefulness.

Overview of Shifter 2022

The Shifter proxy service can be described as a reliable world-class average performer. We emphasize that it is world-class. Therefore, the provider's services are popular with a large group of rational users who do not need various technical bells and whistles. Shifter fully satisfies the request of a thoughtful specialist for quality service at low prices.

Description of Shifter features for 2022

Here is a list of the main offers of the proxy service:

  • More than 31 million IP addresses
  • Private (personal) proxies
  • Shared proxies (shared IP addresses with other users)
  • 3-day money-back guarantee
  • Technical support 24 hours/7 days a week
  • Providing high-quality proxy services since 2012
  • 99.99% uptime
  • High connection speed
  • Resident servers in many countries and large cities
  • Unlimited connection sessions
  • HTTP/S and Socks protocols
  • Convenient control panel

As of today, such a set of offers from proxy operators does not look unusual. This is the advantage, the benefit for users. If another company relies on an important additional tool, then the main efforts are directed to this tool. As a result, the technology and the support service are given less attention, from which ordinary customers suffer. The ordinary users are just those who need a reliable proxy, and not an additional tool, the effectiveness of which still needs to be confirmed in practice.

Therefore, Shifter, which does not offer anything superfluous and expensive, remains a reliable partner in solving the following tasks as of 2022:

  • Collecting and comparing prices on the Internet
  • Checking the output of the ordered ad
  • Brand protection
  • Testing web resources
  • Collecting data for search engine promotion
  • Parsing data from websites of online stores, portals, databases
  • Maintaining multiple social media accounts

How to configure Undetectable browser to work with Shifter proxy

After registering and ordering services on the Shifter website the client receives an email with the data for the connection. The proxy address (host), as well as the port, server type, login and password are easy to enter in the Undetectable browser profile editing window. To do this, the "Proxy" drop-down list with the appropriate input elements is provided.

But this method is convenient with a small amount of data, so the program also provides another tool – a Proxy Manager. With its help, it is easy to get a template of a formatted text file for entering data from multiple servers. The text file is easy to edit, and then you only need to click the "Import" button to enter the parameters into the Undetectable browser.

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