SOAX - proxy service review

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SOAX is an award-winning proxy provider with a large global network of IPs. SOAX has won several awards since its inception in 2019, and is consistently rated highly by users on review sites like Trustpilot and G2.

SOAX offers residential, mobile, datacenter, and ISP proxies, with IPs in 195 countries. SOAX proxies are primarily used for price monitoring, market research, and website scraping, although they offer a flexible user-friendly dashboard and API access to customize your proxy management to your needs.

Advantages of SOAX

Although SOAX has been around for less time than some other proxy providers, we have found them to be a solid competitor to more established brands. SOAX has several advantages over other providers.

  • A range of proxy types - mobile, residential, ISP, and datacenter proxies are all available with a large number of IPs for each
  • Fast and reliable connections with a 99.5% success rate
  • Precise geo-targeting allows you to select not only country location but also the city and provider of your proxy connection
  • A user-friendly dashboard that allows you to customize your proxy usage
  • Customizable options to choose between rotating IPs or sticky sessions
  • Wide-reaching proxy server network covering 195 countries
  • Ethically sourced IPs - SOAX are partnered with the WEDF and are committed to regulatory compliance
  • Customer support is provided by a team of experts with a fast response rate - you can contact SOAX support via live chat, email, phone, or Telegram
  • Highly rated proxy service, rated 4.9/5 on G2, and 4.4 on Trustpilot

Disadvantages of SOAX

  • Unlike some other proxy providers, SOAX does not have a browser extension or mobile application
  • Customers may experience slower connections when using proxies in remote regions in some areas of Africa
  • SOAX is more expensive than some other providers, with their plans starting at $99 per month, although we also found that SOAX has a simpler and more transparent pricing policy than other providers


While SOAX may not be the cheapest proxy provider on the market, their proxies work well for businesses that need reliable web scraping with minimal interruptions, and for whom legal compliance (e.g. GDPR) is non-negotiable.

In just a few years, SOAX has grown to become one of the leading proxy providers, even when compared to more established competitors. SOAX is a good choice for those looking for residential proxies with high geo-targeting accuracy and stability.


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