Storm Proxies - proxy service review

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Introducing StormProxies, a service that not only offers stable and fast performance (with a bandwidth of 1GB/s), but also provides a unique technology for bypassing the protective measures of social networks and online stores. This technology is called rotating residential IPs, which means that the IP address used for sending requests changes every few minutes.

Specialists who engage in web scraping or manage multiple social media accounts often need to frequently change their IP addresses. This is because the target resources' protective measures detect suspicious addresses and block incoming requests from them. Changing IP addresses requires a significant amount of work, so many are willing to pay a high price for an alternative method. But with StormProxies, there's no need to pay a fortune! They offer rotating residential proxies at a regular, non-premium rate.

How to save money when ordering services from StormProxies

As mentioned earlier, StormProxies provides an excellent opportunity at a regular rate. However, you can further reduce your expenses by 5%. To do this, simply register using this link and enter the promo code 5OFFSTORM. From that point on, all the proxies you order will be 5% cheaper for you.

The main feature of StormProxies - rotating proxies

Due to the novelty of this technology, different interpretations of the name can be found in various languages and translations. However, the terms "rotating," "rotational," "variable," "proxies," or "IP addresses" are always used, which accurately reflect the essence of the method. The essence is that the user connects to the proxy server in the usual way. The user's requests are then forwarded to the target resources from a different IP address provided by the intermediary server. StormProxies has implemented a technology that regularly rotates these "dummy" IP addresses. The rotation occurs after each HTTP request, every 2 or 10 minutes, for example.

What does this provide? If the address remains static and multiple requests from different user accounts are sent to a social network, for example, the anti-spam algorithm will detect suspicious activity and ban the IP address. To avoid this, many proxy servers had to be used, and manual software reconfiguration was often required... But now, all this routine work is unnecessary! Connect to the StormProxies intermediary server, and the service will handle the address rotation automatically.

This is the main reason why StormProxies' clients successfully and effortlessly work in various fields, including:

  • Web scraping
  • Running traffic bots
  • Mass registration and account management
  • SEO tasks (search engine optimization)
  • Gathering commercial information

Here are a few more important advantages of the service:

  • Proxy selection in the US, EU, combined US+EU, or worldwide
  • Speed of 1GB/s
  • Ready for multi-threaded work
  • Account activation is instant after payment
  • 24-hour money-back guarantee

It is worth noting that the company guarantees complete confidentiality. This is ensured by the fact that the service operates on its own technical infrastructure, rather than rented equipment.

Configuring Undetectable browser to work through StormProxies' intermediary servers

Configuring Undetectable browser to work through the proxies provided by this service is not fundamentally different from using resources from other providers. After registering and paying for the service, the client receives information from the provider about the proxy servers - host, server type, port, login, and password. When filling out the profiles in Undetectable browser, these details should be entered into the corresponding fields.

Since solving large-scale tasks may require the use of multiple servers, Undetectable browser provides a tool called the Proxy Manager. With its help, you can create a formatted text file with a list of all the servers and their parameters. Then, by pressing a single button, multiple hosts can be entered into the browser profiles.


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