TabProxy - IP Proxy Service Review

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TabProxy has an IP pool of 200M+ proxy IPs covering 195 countries worldwide. Supports HTTP/s, SOCKS5, User& Pass Auth Extraction and API Extraction, and an unlimited number of sub-accounts created.

What is TabProxy?

Tabproxy is a residential proxy IP service platform that uses residential IP proxies around the world to power your business. Tabproxy helps you bypass geo-restrictions, protect your privacy, and anonymize your online business while ensuring that data scraping is done properly and helping users resolve CAPTCHAs.

TabProxy is available in 195 cities around the world with over 200 million raw, real residential IP addresses for a wide range of scenarios such as market research, e-commerce, social media, data crawling, brand protection, and more.

TabProxy's Proxy Types

Residential Proxies: TabProxy's dynamic residential proxies provide complete anonymity and ultra-high success rates for a wide range of frequently changing IPs for tasks such as data collection. Because the Residential Proxy Server provides extensive global coverage with more than 200 million real, raw IPs from 195 locations around the world, the Residential Proxy Server also features two IP modes: Spinning Mode and Sticky Mode.

Price: $0.7/GB!

Dedicated Datacenter Proxy: A data center proxy is a type of proxy that usually comes from a data center server rather than a real residential address. Datacenter proxies are charged only for the number of units, with no additional fees. Additionally, TabProxy's data center proxies have IP addresses located all over the country, so you can provide your users with a diverse experience by choosing the region based on their needs.

Price: $2.50/IP/week.

Static Residential Proxies: TabProxy's static residential proxies are also available on a per-IP basis, with no need to purchase additional traffic. They guarantee the fastest speeds, as well as 100% anonymity, and static residential IPs are unique, meaning that when a user purchases an IP, that user has the sole right to use that IP!

**Price: $3/IP/week **.

Unlimited number of sub-accounts:

1. Breaking through the limitations to meet diversified needs: No longer limited by the number of sub-users, you can flexibly increase the number of sub-users according to the actual situation to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

2. More flexible privilege management: different privileges can be assigned to each sub-user to realize refined operation control and safeguard account security.

3. Convenient operation, easy to manage: simple interface, easy to add and manage sub-users, saving time and labor.

4. Improve work efficiency: Assigning account management privileges to different sub-users allows multiple users to collaborate and improve work efficiency.

Why is TabProxy so popular?

1. Highly anonymous

TabProxy uses a residential IP address, which means your real IP address is hidden and your online activities are more anonymous. This protects your privacy and prevents Internet Service Providers (ISPs) or the government from tracking your activities.

2. Bypassing Geo-restrictions

Many websites and services restrict your access based on your IP address. With Tabproxy, you can choose to connect to servers in a specific country or region, thereby bypassing these restrictions and accessing content that is not available in your region.

3. Enhanced Security

TabProxy increases security by encrypting traffic. This protects your data from eavesdroppers and hackers.

4. Fast connection speeds

TabProxy uses high-speed servers to provide you with fast and stable connection speeds.

5. Easy to use

TabProxy is easy to set up and use. Just select the server you want to connect to and start browsing.

TabProxy is a powerful, easy-to-use residential proxy service platform that provides you with a high degree of anonymity, security, speed, and reliability.