How to use Undetectable browser for ad analysis?

How to use Undetectable browser for ad analysis?

While you sit on one side of the world, your advertising is broadcast on the other…  And in those languages that you do not understand. Therefore, the advertiser has only to guess about the results of promotion in such cases. And to believe what the hired contextologist imposes on him. Most of the time he tells stories about that the effectiveness of the campaign breaks all records and confirms this with quickly tailored reports. And on your site, there were no, and there is no sales and registrations. And you can’t check the fables of a rented marketer …  Although there is one way to conduct an independent analysis of advertising shown even in the most distant corners of the planet – to use a reliable anti-detect. Such as Undetectable.

How to evaluate the results of your campaigns if they are far from you?

Many people believe that the Earth has become cramped due to the Internet and airplanes planet. Therefore, all locations are well, and even too visible … At least from the height of a flying airliner. But the virtual space is not so easy to consider. Especially the course of advertising campaigns deployed several thousand miles from you. It is not about state borders, which can be overcome in a few clicks on the World Wide Web. The problem is not even knowing the language of the target audience for which your brand’s advertising is broadcast. The whole catch is that you cannot evaluate the results and quality of promotion paid from your wallet. Therefore, you have to take the word of hired marketers, directologists … And even entire agencies! But why does it happen?

Most often, advertisers use the services of third-party specialists to promote their own product. Only single brands can afford to maintain their own advertising departments. Other companies with less fat wallets have to promote themselves using the services of freelance marketers or agencies. Even if you need to conduct a simple traffic analysis.

Of course, if the campaign is conducted in your country and in your language, then you can set up and run a simple contextual campaign yourself. You can even hastily draw a couple of creatives. But this is where the possibilities of most advertisers are exhausted.

When the problem gets worse

The main rule of any advertising campaign – is to trust the hired director, but still check and monitor its progress. Otherwise, you can blindly drain the entire advertising budget. But promoting your product abroad, it can be difficult for a mid-range brand to follow this rule. After all, a businessman does not really know either the language of the region or the peculiarities of the local market. And you won’t be able to check the advertisement yourself, because he gave the management of all advertising cabinets to a marketing agency. His experts, judging by the reviews, are rather smart. But advertisments in foreign location data have already been broadcast for the third month, and there has not yet been an increase in the number of conversions. Of course, the agency generously shares campaign reporting in geo data that are closed to you… But where are the conversions?

To dispel all doubts, you need to independently, with your own eyes, look at the promotions and their content. But what if your portrait does not match the characteristics of the target lead?

Geographic disparity can be overcome with a VPN. It is even better to purchase reliable proxies. But the rest of the targeting parameters (operating system, device type, browser) cannot be replaced using them. Therefore, you need to look for a more effective tool for advertising analysis. And this tool exists – it is Undetectable!

What are anti-detect (anti-detect programs)?

Undetectable – is a modern antidetect that is well-deservedly popular among professional arbitrageurs and SMM marketers. In addition, this tool is also in demand among advertisers, who, with its help, can independently see how a campaign conducted by hired specialists looks for the target audience.

Undetectable refers to a new type of specialized software – an anti-detect browser. The principle of their work is based on the same technology used by modern ad network targeting systems and social media anti-fraud systems – digital fingerprints. They let more than 94% accuracy to determine the identity of a user on the Internet.

Digital fingerprints are also called fingerprints. They represnt a set of indicators, based on the combination of which the user is identified. In this case, it is about defining the user with an emphasis on the unique characteristics of the user’s device.

Fingerprints include the following signals:

  • Operating system.
  • Digit capacity.
  • Local settings – time and language.
  • The browser being used.
  • Central Processing Unit.
  • The number of CPU cores.
  • The amount of RAM.
  • User-Agent string.

The User-Agent string is passed by the web application in response to a server request. Including browsers. The string contains information about the local settings of the user device, as well as the browser engine.

How do antidetects help advertisers?

Modern advertising networks use digital fingerprint technology to segment the audience of campaigns according to specified parameters. This will let you display ads and banners only to those users whose fingerprint signals meet the established characteristics. This mechanism is called advertising targeting. Which does not allow the advertiser to see and evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign on the part of the target audience. Especially if the promotion takes place in foreign countries and regions.

If you enter the site from your device broadcasting promos, the customer will not see them. Because, from the point of view of the targeting system of the advertising platform, it does not match the characteristics of the target lead specified in the campaign settings. Anonymous browsers help enforce this compliance.

Antidetects allow you to replace fingerprints with fingerprints with the parameters specified in the campaign settings. Thanks to this, the advertiser will be able to visit the target site as a lead and evaluate the quality of the promo and their effectiveness. Because the advertising platform system will consider you as a representative of the target audience.

But the advanced anti-detect browsers such as Undetectable can replace digital fingerprints and also edit them. This allows you to repeatedly use the same fingerprint for independent advertising analysis for multiple campaigns.

How to use anti-detect products – we understand the example of Undetectable

Most businessmen are afraid of professional software, which includes anti-detect browsers. In fact, these tools are not as difficult to use as many people think. This is easy to see by looking at the step-by-step process of using Undetectable.

  1. We go to the site of the antidetect and register.
  2. Download the desired version of the desktop application – the anonymous browser is available in versions for Windows and macOS.
  3. Install the program and run it.
  4. After authorization, we create a new profile using the main side menu.
  5. Then we choose a fingerprint.
  6. If necessary, we can edit it; we can change the device configuration and other parameters.
  7. Then download pre-purchased proxies.

Proxies ensure that the digital fingerprint used in antidetection matches the campaign’s targeting settings by geodata, mobile operator, and Internet provider.

  1. In network fingerprints, we leave all values unchanged.
  2. For other parameters, enable the “Auto” mode, when using which the settings will be substituted automatically based on the characteristics of the specified proxies.
  3. We upload cookies if necessary.

Fingerprints with a saved history of visiting other sites inspire more confidence in the security systems of sites. However, it is advisable to use cookies only if you need to check advertising that is broadcast on social networks.

  1. After that, we can view our ad through the eyes of the target lead.

Dangers and disadvantages of using anti-detect

The use of anonymous browsers is completely legal in terms of the law of any country. Therefore, they are used by a large number of webmasters, affiliates and marketers.

The only drawback of anti-detects – is the dependence of their efficiency on the quality of the proxy. Because of this, to track the quality of campaigns, you should only purchase IP from trusted providers.

In addition, you need to beware of low-quality anti-detects. Therefore, for traffic analysis and other specific tasks, use Undetectable, the reliability of which is confirmed by hundreds of positive reviews.

In addition, this is one of the few professional anti-detect programs with a free tariff plan. Its capabilities are enough to trace campaigns even in the most remote geos. The free subscription to Undetectable includes 5 cloud profiles and 10 monthly updated configurations. And to expand the possibilities of advertising analysis, it is enough to purchase the required number of profiles, which are added to those provided for free.

Advertising campaigns are expensive, so you can’t blindly trust everything hired marketers have to say. It is better to verify the veracity of his words personally. To do this, just install Undetectable and look at the running campaign through the eyes of your potential client!