15 Best GoLogin Alternatives for Multi-Accounting in 2024

15 Best GoLogin Alternatives for Multi-Accounting in 2024

During the last 10 years, I’ve been doing plenty on the web: improving the reputation of clients, creating content for social networks, launching ads, and of course crypto. The instruments that gained my performance were antidetect browsers.

I’ve tested different solutions, so I’m a quite experienced guy about antidetects. Now, one of the most popular antidetect browsers on the market is GoLogin. Despite all its advantages, I regularly experiment and look for GoLogin alternatives.

In this article, I’ve prepared a list of antidetect browsers that are suitable for users with different goals, tasks, and budgets. To save your time, here’s the navigation:

Let’s start with one of the most popular solutions — GoLogin.

Why I chose GoLogin in the first place

GoLogin is a universal antidetect browser that suits both ordinary users and digital specialists: marketers, SMM specialists, affiliates, developers, gamers, and other pros.

GoLogin website
GoLogin is great for multi-accounting and streamline creation

Personally, I’ve noted the following advantages of this browser:

  • Built-in free proxies. That’s a handy feature for those who want to change their fingerprint and protect their data on the web. To complete more complicated digital tasks like crypto and multi accounting, I recommend buying residential or mobile proxies.
  • Customizing the profile table. Users can see the entire list of accounts in one window and easily switch between profiles in different social networks and search engines. The function will be especially useful in SMM, affiliate marketing and multi-accounting.
  • Mobile version. GoLogin is one of the few browsers that has a full-fledged mobile Android version in addition to the web version.
  • Regular Updates. To guarantee high emulation quality, the developers release at least two updates per month. Thanks to this, the browser provides stable connection. In case of errors, the support team responds and solves issues quickly.

A separate advantage of the browser is its compatibility with different devices. GoLogin is available for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android or as a cloud-based solution.

Since there’ve been precedents of anti-detect browser hacks, any user can set up two-factor authentication to protect against unauthorized account logins. For increased security and anonymity, each profile resides in the cloud.

GoLogin is one of the few browsers that offers up to three profiles for free. For users who need more profiles, there are various subscription plans. Any subscription plan will be cheaper if you pay annually.

GoLogin pricing
GoLogin offers four types of subscription plans

Despite the browser's convenience and functionality, some users still choose other programs or use multiple anti-detect browser at the same time. Here’s why:

  • Pricing. Even though GoLogin offers three free profiles, it's not enough for some users. For this reason, they pick browsers that offer more free profiles or are completely free.
  • Features depending on the tasks. For example, tracker blocking and ad campaign automation features may be important to SMM specialists and affiliates. On the other hand, users working with crypto put the quality of data emulation and circumvention of anti-fraud systems in the first place.
  • Community. Besides the features, some users note the importance of having a community of like-minded people. This is especially true if the developers initially positioned the browser for specific purposes. For example, for affiliates, cryptocurrency users or developers.

I’ve made my research and found 15 GoLogin alternatives that meet the needs of different users: web surfers, affiliates, developers, marketing experts and other digital pros.

How I’ve evaluated GoLogin alternatives

When preparing my list of alternative browsers, I focused on the following criteria:

  • Features. Besides data spoofing, developers add additional features to the browser. For example, built-in proxy managers, cookies robots, API access, browser automation, etc.
  • Pricing. Usually, antidetect browsers are provided on a paid subscription basis. The cost depends on the number of profiles included in the subscription.
  • Ease of integration. All browsers differ in the difficulty of installation. Some browsers are easy to download in program format, while others are used in the format of web versions and cloud-based solutions.
  • The target audience of a particular browser. For example, some browsers are only suitable for professionals due to the complexity of the interface. Others are easy to install on a user's device and have an intuitive interface.
  • Reviews and feedback.

I've made a comparison table of all the browsers from my research to show the key features of each software and its cost.

Browser name Trial and fee Main features
Undetectable Free trial

Subscription fee: from $39/month

  • Creates hundreds of profiles per minute
  • Cookies bot
  • Export of cookies and profiles
  • 3 ways to store accounts
Sessionbox Free trial

Subscription fee: from $6.99/month

  • Automation of workflows
  • Proxy manager
  • Compatible with different browsers
AdsPower Free trial

Subscription fee: from $5.4/month

  • Actions automation
  • Application center
  • Easy profile set up and sync
Incogniton Free trial

Subscription fee: from $20.99/month

  • Nice UI
  • Import/export of cookies
  • Marketing automation
Multilogin No trial

Subscription fee: from $74/month

  • Cloud storage
  • 2 built-in browsers
  • Profile management
Dolphin Anty Free trial

Subscription fee: from $71/month

  • Import of accounts and proxies
  • Cookies robot
  • User-friendly interface
Octo Browser Free trial

Subscription fee: from $21/month

  • Task automation
  • Proxy manager
  • Cloud sync
Hidemyacc Free trial

Subscription fee: from $15/month

  • 2 built-in browsers
  • Fast duplication of accounts
  • Automation tasks
Loginways Free trial

Subscription fee: from $35/month

  • Cookie manager
  • Proxy support
  • Profiles sync
Kameleo No trial

Subscription fee: from €59/month

  • Mobile app
  • Automation integration
  • Unlimited profiles
Ghost Browser Free trial

Subscription fee: from $21/month

  • Chrome synchronization
  • Ad blocking
  • Proxy manager
Lalicat Free trial

Subscription fee: from $59/month

  • Tasks automation
  • Emulates different OS
  • Fast profile setup
VMlogin Free trial

Subscription fee: from $75/month

  • Tasks automation
  • Import/export of cookies
  • Batch creation browser profiles
Surfinite Free trial

Subscription fee: from €29/month

  • Tasks automation
  • Fast fingerprint change
  • Great UI
ixBrowser Subscription fee: free browser, from $2.25/month for IPs
  • Free browser
  • Cookies manager
  • Chrome extensions

Let’s take a closer look at each of these browsers.

1. Undetectable

Undetectable website
With Undetectable, users can manage hundreds of accounts and protect fingerprint data

Undetectable is an easy-to-use and functional browser that can create hundreds of profiles within minutes with fingerprints that are trusted by anti-fraud systems.

Main features

  • Chromium based browser. Undetectable supports installation of extensions and DevTools from Chrome store.
  • Cookie Bot. The bot collects cookies and warms up accounts automatically to gain trust from the anti-fraud systems. To use the feature, open the cookie bot and select the country and the number of sites that the bot should visit. The cookie bot will then generate a list of random sites and visit them.
  • Three ways to store profiles. The browser offers three formats of storing profiles: on the device, in the cloud, or on the user's personal server. In case of local storage on the device, profiles are available without synchronization with the server, so that users can create, edit, launch and delete profiles 24/7.
  • Suitable for teamwork. Over 30 features are built into the browser to customize access within a team. For example, user can tag their profiles, select roles for original team members, group profiles to differentiate access, and track roles, statuses, and sessions on a special dashboard.
  • Export of cookies and profiles. Undetectable supports session and proxy transfer in several popular formats, including JSON and a special format from the antidetect browser itself.


The browser is compatible with Windows 10 and above, macOS M series and Intel.


One of the key features of the browser is that on users can create an unlimited number of local profiles on all purchased subscriptions. Though there is a limit on the number of digital fingerprints, cloud profiles and browser configurations.

Undetectable pricing
Undetectable offers 4 types of subscription plans, including one free plan with 5 cloud profiles a

Why Undetectable is a great alternative to GoLogin

Undetectable has a wide list of features that will suit both web surfers who are worried about data protection and true professionals. Three profile storage formats increase data protection. Unlike GoLogin, the Undetectable has more flexible pricing plans with the ability to create an unlimited number of profiles.


Users note the convenience of Undetectable when working with teams, a high level of emulation and useful features.

Undetectable browser review
Teams mention that Undetectable shows great performance and data spoofing

As for the disadvantages, users noticed that there are problems with saving the main page and autofill works not on all websites.

Undetectable browser review
Users have issues when saving the homepage and using the autofill tool via Undetectable


  • Unlimited number of profiles on all purchased subscriptions
  • Powerful functionality for the entire team
  • Built-in cookies bot


  • No mobile app or web version
  • Full browser features, including 100 browser configurations, cookie export and local profiles are only available on the PRO plan

Who Undetectable is good for

Undetectable is suitable for affiliate marketing, betting, E-commerce, working with cryptocurrencies, multi-accounting and for big teams with different roles.

2. Sessionbox

Sessionbox official website
Sessionbox is suitable for multi-accounting and data spoofing

Sessionbox is a browser app with an affordable subscription cost and free trial. The browser will be appreciated by users who want to emulate their fingerprint while still working in familiar browsers: Chrome, Edge or Mozilla.

Main features

  • Desktop application. All launched profiles will open in the browser you choose to use. For example, for Windows you can select Microsoft Edge, Chrome, or Mozilla.
  • Compatibility with different browsers. Since Sessionbox opens profiles in the browser of your choice, it also supports all kinds of browser-specific extensions.
  • Suitable for teamwork. In particular, users can share sessions for unstoppable work.
  • Proxy manager. After saving proxies in the application, users can bind them to the profiles or use automatic setting of time zone and location in the proxy manager.
Sessionbox Settings
Open the Settings to manage your profile’s data in Sessionbox


The browser is available for Windows and macOS


Sessionbox has one of the most affordable basic subscriptions on the market: subscription for solo users starts from $6.99 per month.

Sessionbox pricing
Sessionbox offers four types of subscription plans, including one enterprise with 24/7 support

Why Sessionbox is a great alternative to GoLogin

The key advantage of Sessionbox is the ability to work with profiles in a familiar browser and use all its features. The antidetection app has a low cost even on the PRO plans.


According to users reviews, Sessionbox is suitable for basic data emulation and simple tasks. Though, some users waited for ages for support team response.

Review on Sessionbox
Sessionbox users have issues when trying to get a response from the support team


  • Affordable subscription
  • Ability to work with profiles in your favorite browser of choice


  • App format. Users who are accustomed to working specifically in desktop versions may find it inconvenient to switch from the application
  • A lack of features for teamwork
  • Poor automation features

Who Sessionbox is good for

The browser is suitable for a wide range of tasks, including web scraping, E-commerce, affiliate marketing and SMM. Be sure to try the trial before you pay for a subscription. Personally, I prefer totally desktop software, but it's a matter of habit.

3. AdsPower

AdsPower official website
AdsPower gives up to 40% discount on all subscriptions

AdsPower is a popular antidetection browser that has competitive advantages. For example, a synchronizer that repeats a specific action in several profiles at once, and two built-in browsers that allow increase emulation in different systems.

Main features

  • Replacing more than 20 device and connection fingerprint parameters. AdsPower replaces browser version, operating system, time zone and time, user agent, language and other parameters.
  • Three formats for creating profiles. Three types of profile creation are available to all users: creating a single profile with standard settings, creating multiple profiles with similar settings, or creating a dozen profiles at once based on your parameters collected in Excel format.
  • Actions automation. In particular, automatic creation of fingerprints, profiles, and IP selection. The browser has a built-in RPA robot — a program that can imitate the actions of a real person on various sites. For example, it can rotate pages, create and like posts. Each user can collect a personal set of functions that he wants to automate.
  • Suitable for solo experts, small teams and entire companies. AdsPower includes a wide range of features for teamwork, including role assignment, profile grouping and quick import of accounts using login or cookies.
  • Application Center. Users can install different extensions for each profile to automate or empower their accounts. For example, with the “FB Ads Reports” extension, users can observe ad account and campaigns info.

The browser has a web version, but I recommend starting with the desktop version right away for more functionality. After installing the browser, you’ll see the full set of browser features in the Global Settings section.

AdsPower Settings
You can find all the AdsPower features in the “Global Settings” tab


AdsPower is compatible with Windows 7 and later versions, macOS and Linux.


AdsPower offers 5 browser profiles with no time limit. However, the option is only available in some countries. For advanced users, there are several subscriptions with 40% discount when purchased annually.

AdsPower pricing
AdsPower offers 4 types of subscription plans, including one free plan with 5 profiles


Users note the browser's stable performance, functionality, and responsive support that really strives to help.

Review on AdsPower
Users are satisfied with the AdsPower support team

Some users noted problems with proxy connection.

Review on AdsPower
Sometimes AdsPower has issues with proxies

Why AdsPower is a great alternative to GoLogin

AdsPower has unique features that GoLogin doesn't have. For example, advanced RPA robot features and synchronizer of actions. The developers are constantly improving the browser and adding new features that digital professionals appreciate.


  • Unique extensions for automation
  • Simple and clear interface
  • Convenient for all work formats
  • Affordable cost


  • Unstable work with proxies
  • Connection failures occur

Who AdsPower is good for

Thanks to its easy installation, user-friendly interface and a set of functions, AdsPower is suitable for ordinary users and for pros.

4. Incogniton

Incogniton official website
Incogniton has user-friendly interface and Selenium integration

Incogniton has over 400,000 users who appreciate the browser for its wide range of functions that help in solving various digital tasks and helpful support.

Main features

  • User-friendly interface. There are hints in the browser that describe the functions and help quickly figure out the settings. This feature is really helpful for new users. The interface is available in four languages: English, Chinese, Russian, and Portuguese.
  • Round-the-clock support. Unlike many browsers, Incogniton support works 24/7 and always responds quickly.
  • Import and export of cookies. This feature is useful for specialists who buy ready-made accounts or need to transfer accounts from another browser.
  • Automation of work. The browser has integration with Selenium and Puppeteer to automate work with accounts.


Incogniton can be installed on Windows and macOS.


Incogniton provides 10 browser profiles for free. If this amount is not enough, users can choose from three paid subscription options.

Incogniton pricing
Incogniton offers 4 types of subscription plans, including one free plan with 10 profiles

Why Incogniton is a great alternative to GoLogin

Incogniton offers 10 free profiles that support all key browser features, including automation, import and export of data.


Users are most often positive about the browser. In particular, they note its responsive support and stability.

Incogniton browser review
Incogniton helps to stay anonymous online

At the same time, some users expect new options to be added.

Review on Incogniton
Incogniton doesn’t have enough features for pros


  • Responsive support
  • Import and export of cookies
  • Integration with Selenium and Puppeteer
  • 10 browser profiles for free


  • Lack of features

Who Incogniton is good for

The browser is best for social networks and E-commerce. At the same time, users with other specialties find it useful for their digital tasks.

5. Multilogin

Multilogin official website
Multilogin is suitable for web scraping and multi-accounting

Multilogin has a wide audience of users around the world. The browser interface is available in several languages, including Brazilian, English, Chinese, Portuguese, and Vietnamese.

Main features

  • Data storage in the cloud. All profile information is stored in a secure Ads Cloud environment. This reduces the memory and resources of the user’s device.
  • Suitable for teamwork. The browser is suitable for simultaneous work of the entire team, with hundreds of accounts in different services and platforms. When working as a team, profiles will be synchronized on all devices, so that participants can work all together with a specific account.
  • Two built-in browsers. Multilogin includes two browsers at once: Mimic, which runs on Chromium, and Stealth fox with a Mozilla core.
  • Profile management. For example, users can mark profiles with checkboxes for quick start or close hundreds of sessions.


Multilogin can be installed on Windows, macOS, and Linux


Though there’s no free trial in the browser, users can refund within the first 14 days of use. The price of basic subscription for one user starts from $99 per month. For annual payment, users get a 20% discount.

Multilogin pricing
Multilogin offers three types of subscription plans

Why Multilogin is a great alternative to GoLogin

Multi login is easy to set up and has unique features. For example, two built-in browsers inside the same software.


Review on Multilogin
Multilogin has a great support team

Though, some users encounter failures of the service during work or when paying bills.

Review on Multilogin
Multilogin users would like to receive invoices in PDF


  • High quality emulation
  • Extensive set of functions
  • Responsive support


  • Payment difficulties
  • High subscription cost
  • No trial version

Who Multilogin is good for

The developers emphasize the browser is great for multi-accounting and web scraping. In my opinion, the browser is suitable for all digital tasks, including teamwork.

6. Dolphin Anty

Dolphin Anty official website
Dolphin Anty is great for affiliate marketing and multi-accounting

Dolphin Anty was created by a very responsible and customer-oriented team. For example, in summer 2022, hackers found a vulnerability and hacked the browser. The attack affected some users, so the team fully compensated users of all financial losses.

Main features

  • Functional for teamwork. Users can assign one of three roles within the team: admin, buyer or user. All roles have different access levels and capabilities.
  • Bulk import of accounts and proxies. This feature helps to download hundreds of accounts and proxies from the device directly into the browser and create profiles for each.
  • Using real fingerprints. Developers collect digital fingerprints on the web and automatically add them to each new profile. This allows you to look as similar as possible to ordinary users.
  • Convenient account filtering. You can add tags, notes, and statuses to any profile, which speeds up the search for the right profiles. This functionality is especially useful for users who work with numerous sites or in a team.
  • Cookies robot. With its help, you can auto-generate a history of visits, so that after launching accounts, the anti-fraud systems of various sites can check this data and increase their trust in the account.
Dolphin Anty profile settings
By using Dolphin Anty you can spoof 20+ parameters of the fingerprint


Dolphin anti is compatible with Windows, macOS, and Linux. When downloading the program from the official website, your operating system will be detected automatically.


Dolphin anti offers 4 subscription options. One option is completely free, but it has limitations in functionality. For example, 10 profiles at a time, and restrictions of sharing profiles with other users.

Dolphin anti pricing

Why Dolphin Anty is a great alternative to GoLogin

Dolphin Anti has gained great popularity among CIS users due to loyal pricing policy and a wide range of functions. The developers constantly update the browser and adds new features to cover the needs of users.


There are not many reviews of Dolphin Anty on the web, although the browser has been on the market for over 3 years. According to user reviews, the browser provides stable operation, a high level of support, and is constantly updated with new features.

Review on Dolphin Anty
Dolphin Anty shows stable connection and performance


  • Cookies robot
  • Great features for teamwork
  • User-friendly interface
  • Attentive support service


  • Expensive subscription plans

Who Dolphin Anty is good for

Initially, the antidetect browser was developed for affiliate marketing, so it has a lot of useful functions for working with multiple accounts at the same time. Thanks to the 10 free profile, the browser is also suitable for ordinary users who want to remain anonymous on the network without additional costs.

7. Octo Browser

Octo Browser official website
Octo browser spoofs digital fingerprints to manage numerous accounts from single device

October browser meets the needs of users with different digital tasks. Among the unique functions of the browser, it is worth highlighting the export of a profile with the possibility of subsequent import without loss of fingerprint data.

Main features

  • API automation. The browser can be synchronized with Selenium, Puppeteer and from other libraries.
  • Wide options of profile settings. Profiles can be created within 1 click after which users can copy, export and transfer them to their teammates.
  • Proxy manager. Octo browser supports all kinds of popular proxies: HTTP, SOCKS5, SSH. Proxies can be saved in the browser to add them to accounts later. To manage proxies, users can add various extensions to the browser.
  • Cloud synchronization. Thanks to this feature, users can open accounts on different devices. For example, if you were working on device No. 1, and then turned it off, logged into the browser from device No. 2, you can continue working from the same place.


The browser can be installed on Windows, Intel/Apple Silicon macOS и Linux.


Octo browser offers 5 types of subscriptions with the option to get a discount for 3, 6 or 12 months' payment.

Octo browser pricing
Octo browser offers 5 types of subscription plans with 30% off the price if purchased annually

Why Octo browser is a great alternative to GoLogin

Octo browser is not tied to a device, so users can log in from different devices. There are no restrictions on the number of profiles running at the same time. These qualities often become the reason users choose this browser.


Users note the browser has a good feature set and provides a high level of emulation.

Review on Octo Browser
Users are pleased by the speed of Octo browser’s installation and set up

However, some users would like to see more features in the browser and faster browser loading.

Review on Octo Browser
Users find there’s a lack of features in Octo browser


  • Easy installation
  • User-friendly interface identical to Chrome
  • Good API automation


  • Sometimes it takes a long time to load
  • High cost
  • Lack of typical plugins

Who Octo browser is good for

Octo browser is a universal browser that is suitable for various tasks: anti-detection browser, SMM, SEO, multi-accounting and just to increase the anonymity on the web.

8. Hidemyacc

Hidemyacc official website
Hidemyacc gives a 7-day free trial

Hidemyacc is one of the few browsers that is based on two popular browsers. So far, the browser is only gaining popularity among digital specialists, so developers are actively expanding the functionality of their software.

Main features

  • Works on two browsers. To ensure maximum anonymity, the software includes two browsers: Ghostly with Chromium core and Foxy with Mozilla Firefox core.
  • Mobile device emulation. When creating a fingerprint, you can choose to emulate Linux, Mac, Ubuntu, Chrome OS, iOS, and Android operating systems.
  • The function of quick copying of accounts. Users can create hundreds of copies of a single profile, with the possibility of further editing specific fingerprint parameters.
  • Scripts for automation. In a special section of the browser, you can add a self-written code to automate actions or use one of the ready-made scripts. For example, when working with Facebook, you can automatically like, comment and make reposts.


The browser can be used only on Windows operating systems.


Hidemyacc offers six subscription options, which differ in the number of profiles, supported operating systems, functions, and teamwork capabilities.

Hidemyacc pricing
Hidemyacc offers 3 types of standard subscription plans
Hidemyacc pricing
Hidemyacc offers 3 types of premium subscription plans

Why Hidemyacc is a great alternative to GoLogin

Given an extensive set of functions, Hidemyacc has a flexible pricing policy that makes the browser accessible to both ordinary users and top teams. The profile duplication feature also sets this software apart from many other browsers.


Among the chief advantages of the browser, users note an extensive set of features, easy set up, and emulation quality.

Review on Hidemyacc
Hidemyacc has a user-friendly interface, easy installation process and fast support

Some users wish to see a lower price.

Review on Hidemyacc
Some Hidemyacc users would like a more affordable price


  • Easy installation
  • Special features, including proxy manager and duplication of accounts
  • Stable connection


  • High price

Who Hidemyacc is good for

Hidemyacc is perfect for different digital tasks: working with cryptocurrencies, affiliate marketing, SMM, SEO. Since the browser doesn’t have a completely free subscription, ordinary users often choose other solutions.

9. Loginways

Loginways official website
Loginways helps to manage multiple accounts and protect data

Loginways appeared on the market in 2021 and so far doesn’t stand out much in terms of functions among other antidetection browsers.

Main features

  • No binding to the device. Thanks to profile synchronization, users can log into the browser from any device and continue working where they finished it.
  • Cookies manager. The browser has features for quick import and export account cookies.
  • Supports all popular proxy protocols. In particular, HTTPS, SOCKS4, SOCKS5, authorized and non-authorized proxies.


The browser can be installed on Windows and macOS.


Loginways doesn’t have free subscriptions, which is why ordinary users prefer other browsers. The subscription price depends on the number of profiles.

Loginways pricing
Loginways offers three types of subscription plans

Why Loginways is a great alternative to GoLogin

Login was a simple and intuitive browser that has basic functions for emulating fingerprint data and subsequent work on the network. Developers rarely add new features, though the basic features show great performance.


There are few reviews and testimonials online for Loginways. This is also due to that the browser is relatively new and is more likely to be used in the CIS. For example, the browser does not yet have a rating on ALternativeTo, a popular browser comparison site.


  • High emulation
  • Stable connection


  • Lack of features
  • Too expensive for a small set of functions

Who Loginways is good for

Loginways is used for multi-accounting and offers all the basic features: the possibility of teamwork, automatic synchronization of profiles, cookies manager and compatibility with different proxies. For more complex digital tasks, I recommend using other solutions from this list.

10. Kameleo

Kameleo official website
Kameleo has a desktop version and a mobile app

Kameleo quickly found its audience on the market thanks to a set of useful features. In particular, Kameleo is one of the few browsers that offers a mobile application.

Main features

  • Android mobile app. Users can create profiles with iOS and Android fingerprints, and use all popular proxy types or VPN to replace IP.
  • Supports 4 types of browsers. Kameleo runs on several browser cores at once, so that users can emulate Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge fingerprints and use their features.
  • Replacement of over 10 fingerprint parameters. In particular, operating system data, time zone, language, WebRTC, fonts, plugins and other parameters.
  • No restrictions on the number of profiles. All subscriptions provide unlimited browser profiles.


Kameleo can be installed on Windows and Android.


One of the main features of the browser is that it has no restrictions on the number of profiles. Subscription types differ in the number of functions available in the browser.

Kameleo pricing
Kameleo offers three types of subscription plans

Why Kameleo is a great alternative to GoLogin

The key feature of the browser is the mobile app for Android. Kameleo has all the functions you need to perform various tasks: automation, support for popular proxy formats, export and import cookies, etc.


Users note the ease of use, customization and user-friendly interface of the browser.

Review on Kameleo
Kameleo has a comfortable interface and an easy set up process

Sometimes Kameleo browser receives negative feedback on the quality of fingerprint emulation.

Review on Kameleo
Kameleo fails some fingerprint tests


  • Built-in proxy manager
  • Android mobile app
  • Unlimited profiles on all subscription plans


  • Unstable quality of emulation
  • Some users face problems with connection
  • Expensive

Who Kameleo is good for

Since the reviews note the unstable quality of emulation, the browser may not be suitable for betting, working with cryptocurrencies and bypassing advanced anti-fraud systems. Kameleo shows nice performance for affiliate marketing, SMM and SEO.

11. Ghost Browser

Ghost Browser official website
Ghost Browser has an intuitive interface and great support

Ghost Browser has a good ratio of price and number of built-in functions. Personally, I adore their nice and smooth browser interface.

Main features

  • Ad Blocking. The browser has a built-in ad-blocking extension. This allows you to visit websites without unnecessary spam and data collection.
  • Chrome Synchronization. The browser is based on the Chromium kernel, which allows you to install extensions from Chrome and synchronize history, bookmarks, and cookies if necessary.
  • Sorting profiles. In Ghost browser, users can mark and sort tabs by filters, which speeds up the search and switching between accounts.
  • Proxy manager. The browser has a special extension Ghost Proxy Control which helps manage all saved proxies and add them to accounts.


Ghost browser is compatible for Windows, Linux, and macOS.


There are three subscription options in the browser, including a completely free plan with 4 profiles. Paid subscriptions vary in the number of features and profiles.

Ghost Browser pricing
Ghost Browser offers 3 types of subscription plans including one free

Why Ghost Browser is a great alternative to GoLogin

Ghost browser offers a good set of features even in the free plan. Users note the convenience of the interface and the settings of fingerprints.


Users of the browser note its handy work automation features, the ability to set up profiles in different colors of profiles not to get lost, and a good level of emulation.

Review on Ghost Browser
Ghost browser is easy to work with and is suitable for teams

Among the disadvantages of the browser, users noted problems with the speed of loading the site and faced issues with extensions. The ad blocker also needs improvement, as it often blocks all ads on the site, although in some cases users need to see them.

Review on Ghost Browser
Some Ghost Browser features work poorly


  • High level of security and privacy
  • Responsive support for users with different operating systems
  • User-friendly interface


  • The price does not match the quality
  • There are problems with browser speed
  • Some features like single sign-on and limited access don’t work as described

Who Ghost Browser is good for

Ghost Browser is suitable for online data protection, SMM specialists, affiliate marketing and E-commerce.

12. Lalicat

Lalicat official website
You can automate your actions on the web by using Lalicat

Lalicat has gained great popularity in Asia and some European countries. The browser is rather a standard solution that provides good quality of basic features.

Main features

  • Automation by API. With this feature, users can add third-party services to automate routine actions on various platforms and in social networks.
  • Suitable for teamwork. Users can assign different roles and access levels, as well as transfer accounts between team members.
  • Emulation of different operating systems. When setting up the profile, users can choose Chrome, Firefox, Windows, Android, or iOS fingerprint.
  • Replacement of more than 10 fingerprint parameters. Users can spoof browser version, system fonts, RAM, CPU, SSL, Media Device, Extensions, operating system, CPU class, language, WebGL, etc.


Lalicat can be installed on Windows.


The browser offers a free 3-day trial and five subscription options. With a one-time payment for 3, 6 or 12 months, users can get additional subscription days or up to 27% discount.

Lalicat pricing
Lalicat offers 5 types of subscription plans

Why Lalicat is a great alternative to GoLogin

Lalicat is gaining more and more popularity among users due to its good functionality and flexible pricing policy, with discounts of up to 27% for annual payment.


Among the key advantages, users note a good level of fingerprint swapping, a large set of user agents and easy switching between tabs.

Review on Lalicat
Lalicat is great at spoofing users data on the web

Some users had payment issues. In particular, one of the users was unable to use the program and then get refund.

Review on Lalicat
Lalicat support team can answer for ages


  • Huge amount of user-agents
  • Supports a variety of browser cores


  • May be problems with refund
  • Expensive
  • Slow support response

Who Lalicat is good for

Lalicat is suitable for social networks, E-commerce, ticketing, betting and affiliate marketing. Although the developers say that the browser is suitable for multi-accounting, I recommend big teams and entire companies to choose more proven solutions.

13. VMlogin

VMlogin official website
By using VMlogin users can manage multiple accounts when working solo or in a team

VMlogin is a Chinese browser with English localization. Apart from the special fingerprint substitution technology, this is a standard browser that offers basic functions for digital tasks.

Main features

  • Automation of typical tasks. Users can automate routine tasks using Selenium or special software, for example, Browser Automation Studio.
  • Suitable for teamwork. Team members can transfer profiles or simultaneously work in specific accounts.
  • Compatible with different proxy formats. Users can add proxies of all popular types, including HTTPS, SOCKS5 and SSH.
  • Import and export of cookies. With this feature, you can add purchased or previously used on another browser accounts.


VMlogin can be installed on Windows.


VMLogin offers a free 3-day trial, after which the user must choose one of the three subscription options.

VMlogin pricing
VMlogin offers 3 types of subscription plans and one 3-day trial

Why VMlogin is a great alternative to GoLogin

Wmlogin has all the functions to meet the needs of digital specialists, including browser automation, import and export of cookies, accounts transfer functions.


There aren't many reviews online for the antidetect browser. Among the available reviews, users note isolated tabs with individual settings for each profile and automation of actions.

Separately, some reviewers note that they often face errors.

Review on VMlogin
Some of the VMlogin texts are in Chinese


  • Automation of typical tasks
  • Suitable for teamwork


  • Server errors
  • Interface bugs and unstable operation
  • Expensive
  • Some interface texts are in Chinese

Who VMlogin is good for

VMlogin is suitable for solo specialists or small teams that are involved in affiliate marketing, web scrapping, SMM and E-commerce. For big teams and companies, I would recommend choosing other browsers from this article.

14. Surfinite

Surfinite official website
Surfinite speeds up work and spoofs digital fingerprints

Surfinite will be appreciated for those who care about order and structure. For example, a user working in a team can create a separate group of profiles for personal projects.

Main features

  • Automation. Users can automate routine tasks that are most often performed in social networks and in advertising cabinets.
  • Suitable for teamwork. In Surfinite, users can choose different roles for team members to differentiate access, transfer accounts or log into selected profiles all at the same time.
  • Replacement of 10+ fingerprint parameters. Surfinite can emulate Operating system, CPU, GPU, RAM, screen resolution, fonts, Geo, languages, WebRTC, Canvas image, WebGL image, audio context, battery and media devices.
  • Convenient sorting. All profiles can be defined in different categories and tabs to fasten the search of accounts.


Compatible with Windows, Linux, and macOS


All users are offered a 1-day trial, after which they can pick one of 4 subscription options. For annual payment, users get 20% off.

Surfinite pricing
Surfinite offers 4 types of subscription plans

Why Surfinite is a great alternative to GoLogin

Surfiniite offers a high level of emulation with the ability to customize prints. Thanks to the user-friendly interface, users can quickly find all the profiles they need.


Users note that Sufinite has all the declared by the developer functions, and some are really impressed by the connection speed and UI of the browser.

Review on Surfinite
Users like that Surfinite has an impressive UI and 7-day free trial


  • Impressive UI
  • High connection speed
  • Automation functions


  • Minor bugs

Who Surfinite is good for

Surfinite is suitable for managing multiple advertising cabinets and social media accounts, betting, ticketing and crypto.

15. ixBrowser

ixBrowser official website
ixBrowser is a 100% free antidetect browser

ixBrowser has become a unique solution on the market. The peculiarity of the browser is that it is completely free: users need to pay only if they need to use high-quality proxies.

Main features

  • Free. All browser functions are available for free. Users pay only for the ability to select specific proxies depending on their tasks.
  • Cookies manager. Users can export and import cookies to the browser, for example, when transferring accounts from other browsers.
  • Chrome extensions. Users can install any Google Chrome extensions and use them in their browser profiles.
  • Suitable for teamwork. Users can transfer accounts, assign roles, and manage access levels for specific users.


ixBrowser can be installed on Windows


ixBrowser pricing
ixBrowser offers 4 types of subscription plans including 1 free plan with unlimited profiles

Why ixBrowser is a great alternative to GoLogin

ixBrowser is a completely free browser that supports all the necessary features for full-fledged work on the network, both solo and entire teams.


The key advantage of the ixBrowser is that it has no limits on the number of profiles.

Review on ixBrowser
ixBrowsers is provided for free without any limits

Given that the browser is free, users are loyal even to its shortcomings. For example, there are issues with the UI and proxy connection.

Review on ixBrowser
Users would like to see a more comfortable interface


  • Fully free antidetect browser
  • PC and mobile profiles
  • Suitable for teamwork


  • UI needs to be upgraded
  • Speed of proxy connection

Who ixBrowser is good for

ixBrowser accessible to a wide audience of ordinary users and professionals who want to solve basic digital tasks including affiliate marketing, SMM and E-commerce.

Which GoLogin alternative to choose

The main purpose of this article is to show GoLogin alternatives, that are cheaper and show great performance for different digital tasks. There are plenty of other solutions on the market that’ll meet your goals and help you show fascinating performance on the web. In particular, some users use several anti-detection browsers at once.

Personally, for the last 6 months I’ve been using Undetectable, and it totally works for me.

Share in the comments which browsers you’ve tested and what was your best experience.