How to bypass IP bans in 2024 for free or by subscription

How to bypass IP bans in 2024 for free or by subscription

Hey, everyone!

While working in digital for over 10 years, I’ve faced IP bans several times. Bans happened in different situations: when launching ads, when working with social media, during web scrapping or simply when web surfing.

Over the years, I’ve tested different ways to solve the problem and identified proven methods that will definitely help you bypass IP ban and reduce the risk of restrictions in the future.

Here I will share my experience and tell:

If you are a marketer, SMM-specialist, affiliate or a user, who simply wants to enjoy all the internet services without restrictions and limits, this article is just for you.

The 4 main reasons users face IP bans

An IP address is a unique identifier that contains data about the location of a particular device and identifies it on the internet. The IP address comprises a set of numbers that contain the network and host numbers. Nowadays, there are two types of IP addresses: IPv4 and IPv6.

An IP ban is the inability to use a particular site, or platform because the service blocks access to the user by seeing his IP address. The websites can ban all users of a particular location or a specific IP address.

Unfortunately, not all services warn their users about the ban and its causes. To make sure a specific website banned you, try to access the site from another device, or ask someone to check the site. If you are the only one who can't access the service, sorry, you are 100% banned.

Websites ban IP-addresses for different reasons, so I’ve collected my personal top 4 reasons for IP bans.

1. Spam

Popular websites and services have their own rules of behavior on the platform, including allowed and prohibited actions.

For violating these rules and policies, sites can block access to a specific user and even blacklist him. The ban can last from a couple of hours to several months. For some violations, the user can get a lifetime ban without the possibility of restoring access.

In my work, I have encountered bans because of sending spam emails and messages on social networks without the consent of users. Well, who hasn't done that?

As a result, my IP address was blacklisted and so for violations on just one platform, I got blocked on various sites at once. Here’s a list of services from mytoolbox that banned me at once.

mytoolbox blacklist
You can use mytoolbox service to check whether your IP address is blacklisted in popular databases

2. Links to third-party sites

Every website and service is interested in keeping users on their platform for as long as possible. To do so, sites provide useful content, engaging games, bonuses, and entertainment.

Some sites prohibit publicly sharing links to external websites. If a user violates this rule and posts external links, the site may block him, either temporarily or permanently.

If the site itself does not prohibit the publication of external links, the users can also be banned for sharing links with prohibited by law or the platform content. For example, 18+ content, gambling services, competitors' platforms.

Before using any website, check specific prohibitions in the website’s policies: trust me, this info can save you plenty of time. For example, here you can Google’s External link policy.

Google External links policy on YouTube
From Google’s external links policy you’ll find out what links are allowed on YouTube and what happens if a user violates this policy

3. Data collection at high speed

Digital specialists often use web scraping to collect data from websites automatically. For example, emails, usernames, phone numbers. Such programs make many requests to a particular site's server, which can cause servers to overload and crash.

Imagine that the site works at 20 requests per minute, and then all users decide to make 100 requests. No server can withstand this, so each site has its own limits on the number of allowed requests. If a particular IP-address exceeds this limit, the service blocks access.

Such restrictions are temporary and last from several hours to a couple of days. However, some services can block a user for life.

Such restrictions are also needed to protect services from hackers, who use Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. For example, in October 2023 Google observed a new type of DDoS attacks that reached 398 million requests per second.

A novel technique of DDoS attacks
Google’s team observed a new type of DDoS attacks that reached 398 million requests

4. Restrictions for users of specific countries

States can block their citizens from accessing specific sites. This happens if the state believes that the services violates its laws and distributes prohibited content. For example, China blocks access to Facebook, Instagram, Tinder and YouTube, while Russia blocked access to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Last.fm and many other sites.

That’s what users see when trying to visit a blocked website in the Chrome browser.

This site can’t be reached
If a website is banned in your location, you’ll probably see “The site can’t be reached” message

Sometimes platforms leave specific countries and stop providing services to users.

In both cases, the services determine the users belonging to a particular country, including by IP address.

There are many more reasons for IP bans, but usually they are all around

the user's behavior, errors, and bugs of the service, or restrictions of the state.

Share in comments if you’ve ever faced bans before and why.

11 ways on how to bypass an IP ban

Anti-fraud systems are constantly becoming more complex and improving. As recently as 10 years ago, it was enough to simply turn on a VPN to hide your real IP address. Unfortunately, in 2023 VPNs are no longer a universal way to bypass restrictions.

For this reason, I’ve collected all the working methods on how to bypass an ip ban by various parameters, including the IP address, device data and connection data.

Keep in mind, that there’s still no one unique magic trick to bypass all restrictions, so in some situations only a combination of methods may work.

Method #1: Use an antidetect browser

Perhaps, that’s one of the best ways to spoof your data from different services, sites, and even hackers.

The essence of the method

Antidetect browsers are special programs that change the data that sites and services see about you and your device. With the help of antidetect browsers you can spoof your IP-address, device data and connection data — all the information that forms your digital fingerprint.

Typically, the interface of an antidetect browser looks like a regular browser. The only difference — you can customize a unique fingerprint in each tab. This allows to look like an ordinary user and simultaneously work with different accounts from neighboring tabs.

For example, in one tab, you can pretend to be a user from Argentina who works on a Lenovo laptop with Windows 10 and 8 GB RAM. In the neighboring tab, you can create a fingerprint of a user from Germany who uses a Mac with an M1 processor and 16 GB RAM.

How to implement

You need to choose a suitable antidetect browser depending on your tasks, budget, and the typical reasons and where you usually face bans. When making your choice, pay attention:

  • What tasks the browser is suitable for. For example, some antidetect browsers are perfect for search engines, while others are ideal for advertising on the social media. Top anti-detect browsers show great emulation on all sites, but their price is also high.
  • Browser cost. All top antidetect browsers are provided on a pay-as-you-go basis. Typically, the pricing starts from $80 per month and depends on the number of fingerprints. However, some developers offer 5–10 fingerprints for free with a limited set of features. This option is suitable for ordinary users, but won’t be enough for pros.
  • Convenience of the interface. If there’s no free trial, check for reviews on the web. This will help you evaluate the convenience of a specific browser and learn more about the functions of the program.
  • Availability of support service. During the trial, check the convenience and speed of the support team. 50% of your success depends on the quality of the support service of the antidetect browser.

After purchase, you need to install and configure the browser according to the developer's instructions.

When setting up fingerprints, follow the developers' recommendations. The thing is that each antidetect browser has its own specific configurations that show the best results in hiding your PC and connection data.

To check the quality of emulation, use special services that scan digital fingerprint and the level of your anonymity. For example, Am I unique?, browserleaks or site24x7.

Have no worries if the services don’t show 100% emulation. Each site has its own criteria for evaluating users, and a slight disguise will not cause suspicion of anti-fraud algorithms.


  • The antidetect browser spoofs the data instead of encrypting it. Thus, you can impersonate a real user from any country without suspicion of services.
  • Suitable for different tasks: bypassing bans, online data protection, multi-accounting, web scrapping.
  • Data replacement. If you get blocked on some site, you can create a new fingerprint in a couple of minutes to continue working with the service.


  • Expensive. The price of high-quality antidetect browsers starts from $80 per month. Cheap or even free antidetect programs are inferior in terms of emulation quality, so they don’t always help get around bans from services with strong anti-fraud algorithms.
  • Additional costs. Besides the antidetect browser, you need to get proxies to replace the IP address. Some antidetect browsers provide users with discounts from their partners, but still you need to buy IP addresses.
  • Won’t help with application bans. In 2023 there are still no antidetect browsers for mobile phones.

When choose this method

Top antidetect browsers are equipped with an intuitive interface, so they will be convenient for both ordinary users, digital specialists and companies with a wide range of tasks on the network. Because of the cost of such programs, they are more often used by pros and specialists in digital.

Method #2. Remove the program from your computer

Deleting a program is one of the basic ways how to bypass an ip ban.

The essence of the method

By removing the program, you can clear the computer of files that saved the history of your actions in a specific service. This method can also help if there were some system errors.

How to implement

To uninstall a program on Windows, do:

Step 1. Find the program

In the Search box next to Start, type “Uninstall Programs”.

Step 2. Delete the program

Select the program and click “Uninstall”.

If it was the website that caused the problem, uninstall the browser.


  • Free. You can manually remove any program from your computer without using additional software.
  • Fast. It usually takes a couple of minutes to uninstall the program.


  • The method is suitable only for simple bans from services with weak anti-fraud protection.
  • Almost does not work as a standalone method. In addition, you need to clear the cache of your browser and PC, use a proxy and an antidetection browser.

When choose this method

This method is suitable as a basic solution to bypass simple bans of users. For example, if an IP address was banned due to a malfunction, accidentally or for the actions of a previous user. If you were banned by search engines or social networks, this method is practically useless.

Method #3. Clear the program cache on your computer

This method of bypassing bans is a consequence of the previous one.

The essence of the method

The reason of your ban can be files that were saved on your computer during the use of the program or site. Such digital leftovers may persist even after uninstalling the program.

How to implement

Step 1 — Open folders

Go to the folders:


C:/programfiles (x86)


Step 2 — Find the program

Enter the name of the used program in each folder and delete these files.

Step 3 — Go to the Registry editor

Use Windows + R command and type “Regedit” to open the Registry Editor

Step 4 — Delete files

In the window, you will see a complete list of folders with locations of program files. Copy and paste the path to the folders in the search bar and delete them.

As for Windows 11 users, you can watch this 3 minute tutorial from Help Cloud which explains, what else is DNS used for and how to clear it. Though, personally I’ve never had problems with flashing DNS even for the first time.


  • Free. You can clear your computer manually, so there’s no need in buying special programs and services.


  • Helps to get around simple bans. The method won’t work if you are banned by services with powerful anti-fraud protection.
  • May take time. For example, if the program files are located in different folders.

When choose this method

As with deleting programs, clearing the cache can be a one-time solution for simple types of bans. It may be helpful for ordinary users that were banned by mistake or for minor violations. To get around bans from search engines, social media, or mail services, you need to use multiple techniques at the same time.

Method #4. Use a VPN to change your IP address

Can a VPN bypass an IP ban? Sure. Even in 2023, it still is one of the best ways to get around IP bans.

The essence of the method

VPN is a virtual private network that creates an encrypted connection between your device and the server your device is accessing. Unlike proxies, a VPN not only protects your IP address but also encrypts your online activities so that no one can trace them. VPN services help users from all over the world bypass discord IP ban, bans in social media and mailing services.

How to implement

As with proxies, your task is to choose a reliable VPN service. To do so, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Locations. Look at all the countries that a particular service offers.
  • Is a specific VPN service allowed in the country. Some states actively fight against VPN servers and block them. Before buying a subscription, check if there are any sanctions against a particular service.
  • Subscription cost. Free VPNs can steal your data and make money from it, so it is important to pick a service with different subscription plans.
  • Connection speed. Reliable VPN services offer a trial so that users can test the connection speed and whether there are any problems with access to a specific service.

The VPN installation scheme will depend on your device and operating system. Popular VPN services usually offer a mobile app and a VPN for a personal PC as part of a subscription.


  • 100% emulation of your real IP address. Only the VPN service will see your real location and IP address.
  • Protects your data from intruders and services. VPN masks all your traffic so that no one can see it except for the service itself.


  • Only VPNs with subscription can guarantee data security. Free services can analyze and steal your data. Yep, money’s on their mind.
  • Sites and services can see that you are using a VPN. For this reason, the trust of the services to the user may be lower.
  • Connection speeds may be slower.

When choose this method

VPN is a universal way how to bypass an ip ban, which is used by both regular users and digital specialists. At the same time, VPNs are not always suitable to get around bans for serious violations on websites and social networks, in particular, in case of mass launch of ads and multi-accounting.

The service sees that the person hides his data through a VPN, and can’t identify the user. No data — no trust.

Method #5. Use proxy servers to spoof your UP address

The best alternative to VPNs are proxy services.

The essence of the method

A proxy server is an intermediary between your device and the server you connect to. By using a proxy server, you can bypass IP bans because the site and service you are accessing will see the IP address of the proxy.

How to implement

The key task is to choose the right proxy server. When choosing a server, pay attention to the following criteria:

  • Number of IP addresses and locations. In terms of locations, pick proxies from the countries in which the service or the website you need is not restricted.
  • Type of proxy. Each type of proxies is suitable for different tasks. For example, mobile proxies have higher speed and are suitable for affiliate marketing. Residential proxies are unique proxies of real internet providers which get the most trust from websites, but may have lower speed.
  • Use a trial subscription. If the service offers to test proxies, be sure to take advantage of this opportunity. During the trial, check the quality and speed of connection, and whether there are problems with visiting particular sites.
  • Support service. The support team can provide you with useful tips and information. For example, which proxies are better for your tasks, how to set up proxies in the antidetect browser, what to do, if the proxies don’t work, etc.

After purchasing a proxy, change the IP address on your device as follows.

Step 1 — Go to Settings

Open “Start” and click on “Settings” (gear icon).

Step 2 — Find the Proxy Server

Click on the “Network and Internet” section and click on “Proxy Server” in the left menu.

Step 3 — Enable using proxy

In the “Manual Proxy Setup” section, move the slider to the “Enable” state in the “Use Proxy Server”.

Step 4 — Type your proxy data

Enter the address and port of the purchased proxy, then click “Save”.

**Step 5 — Make a quick check **

Check the IP address change via whatismyip or myip.

To disable the proxy, just go to Settings — Network and Internet — Proxy Server and then click “Disable” in the “Use proxy server”.

To configure Proxy on Mac, watch this video from calexismedia. It’ll take you just a few minutes to set up a new IP address.

If you plan to use an antidetect browser, always follow the rule: 1 proxy = 1 fingerprint. If you use the same proxies for different accounts, there is a risk of getting all accounts banned at the same time.


  • Helps to bypass all types of IP bans.
  • High-quality proxies make you look like a regular user. Thanks to this, sites do not have suspicions that the user is trying to hide his data.
  • Fast IP address replacement. Even if you get banned, proxy replacement will take only 5 minutes. To do this, I recommend always having several proxies in stock.
  • Suitable for PC programs. When connecting to the program server, developers will see the proxy.


  • Expensive. The cost of high-quality proxies starts from $3 per unit and can reach up to a hundred dollars — depends on the type of proxies.
  • Proxies spoof only your IP address. It means you won’t bypass bans in case of serious violations of the services policies.

When choose this method

Proxy servers are a universal way to bypass IP bans. That's why they are used by both ordinary users and digital pros.

If the service bans you for gross violations, just changing your IP address won’t be enough. In this case, it is better to use proxies together with an anti-detection browser.

Method #6. Change your MAC address

This method is not the most popular, because it requires time and knowledge from the user.

The essence of the method

Media Access Control or MAC-address is a unique identifier of the device, which is assigned at the time of manufacture of the equipment. All devices that have access to the web have a MAC-address, including: PC’s, routers and laptops.

How to implement

The way to change the MAC address will depend on your operating system. For Windows, the MAC address can be changed in two ways.

Method #1. Changing MAC address via network and internet settings

Step 1 — Go to Settings

Open “Settings” in the “Start” tab.

Step 2 — Change your adapter options

Select “Network and Internet” and click “Change adapter options”. Right-click on your network connection method and click “Properties”. Select “Client for Microsoft Networks” and click “Customize”

Step 3 — Create a folder for your new MAC address

Select the Advanced tab and then hit “Network Address” in the window. If there is no such option, go to the second method. If there is — go to step 4.

Step 4 — set your new MAC address

You can set a different MAC address in the value field. It can be generated, for example, using browserling. After generating the MAC address, paste it into the “Value” box and then click “Ok”.

Method #2. Changing MAC address via Registry Editor

Step 1 — Open Registry Editor

Press Windows + R on your keyboard and type “Regedit” in the Registry Editor

**Step 2 — Find the folder with all connection data **

In the window open the following folders HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE — SYSTEM — CurrentControlSet — Control — Class — {4D36E972-E325-11CE-BFC1-08002BE10318}

Step 3 — Create a folder for your new MAC address

Open the 0000 folder. It contains several folders with network and connection device. Click “New” and select “String Parameter”. Name the folder “Network Address”.

Step 4 — Set your new MAC address

Paste the new Mac address in the “Value”. As in the first method, you can create it using browserling.

**Step 5 — Reboot your device **

Close the Registry Editor and reboot your device. Done! Now your device has a new MAC address.

Honestly, I spent plenty of time when trying to reset my MAC address for the first time. If you’ll have same problems, watch this YouTube step-by-step video guide from High Techy. Mac users are also welcome on YouTube:)


  • No charge. You can create a new MAC address for free and set it manually.


  • Takes time to reset MAC address.
  • May help only with simple IP bans. The mac address is only part of the data that the services analyze. With complex bans, replacing it will not solve the problem.

When choose this method

MAC address replacement is suitable for both ordinary users and professionals. However, digital pros additionally use other methods. If you were banned by social networks, mail services or search engines, you should also delete the program, clear the cache, and use antidetection programs.

Method #7. Use the Tor browser

Tor browser is one of the oldest free ways to bypass IP bans and service restrictions. And in 2023 it still works.

The essence of the method

Tor is a free web browser that allows you to visit sites and services while maintaining anonymity. To do so, Tor uses three random servers, through which it conducts and encrypts your traffic, and then connects to the server you need.

How to implement

Step 1 — Download Tor

Visit the official website of the Tor browser, choose your OS and download it. If the website is blocked in your country, use a VPN or proxy. Don't try to download the browser on other websites, as it can be dangerous for your device.

**Step 2 — Disable JavaScript **

To increase anonymity, disable JavaScript after installing the browser.


  • Bypasses IP bans and gives access to services, that are blocked in a particular location.
  • Increases anonymity. The Tor makes it harder for services to analyze your data.


  • Services and sites can see that a person is using Tor. This means that services with high level anti-fraud protection will have lower trust to you.
  • Slower connection. Due to the sequential connection to random servers, the download speed of sites and services is slower.
  • In some countries, the entire TOR network is completely blocked. To get around bans in these locations, you’ll need to test different settings of the browser or try another method.

When choose this method

Tor is a popular way to bypass restrictions on visiting sites. However, this method is unlikely to suit professional affiliates and marketers, since sophisticated services with a high level of protection have learned to recognize the use of Tor. Thus, they either block access via Tor to all users or block the users themselves.

Method #8. Clear your DNS

DNS is a domain name system that allows the browser to find the site requested by the user by domain name.

The essence of the method

Every time you type the name of the site in the search box, DNS converts it into the IP address of a particular site. DNS is called the Internet's phone book because the system stores information about all IP addresses and their letter values.

How to implement

To clear DNS on Windows, follow these steps:

Step 1 — Open Command Prompt

Type “cmd” and click “Command Prompt” in the results.

Step 2 — Reset your DNS

Type the combination ipconfig/flushdns in the command prompt.

Step 3 — Make sure the DNS is reset

To check DNS reset, type ipconfig/displaydns in the command prompt


  • Free. You can reset your DNS manually without special software.
  • DNS reset takes 1–2 minutes.


  • May not solve the ban problem. This tip may work only with simple one-time IP bans.
  • Most often ineffective as a standalone method. Pros reset DNS, change their MAC-address and use proxies or VPNs to spoof their IP address.

When choose this method

In general, DNS reset is a useful action for all users who spend time on the web. Personally, this solution has helped me twice with minor bans, but gave no result when I was banned on social media and mail services.

Method #9. Use a Cloud computer

This is a rather rare method that is usually used by pros and startups.

The essence of the method

A cloud computer is a virtual machine that allows you to perform any actions on the network through a computer located in another place. When connecting to a cloud computer, you use all its power: RAM, hard disk, etc. Typically, cloud computers are used to expand the power of your device. For example, to avoid buying a new top-of-the-line PC, users and even entire companies rent cloud PCs.

Often, cloud PCs are used by gamers who need a PC with great performance.

How to implement

You need to find a service that provides cloud PCs. Typically, subscription starts at $5.

When choosing a cloud PC, pay attention to:

  • Where exactly the PC is located. If the cloud PC is in a location that is not suitable for you, it won’t help you solve the problem with the IP ban.
  • Cost. Cloud PCs are provided on a pay-as-you-go basis. Don't try to save money and look for free solutions — it can be dangerous for you and your device.
  • Make sure the service has a support team. You’ll probably need help when choosing the subscription and setting up the cloud PC.


  • Expands the capabilities of your device. You will get a powerful device that will expand your network capabilities.
  • You’ll be able to bypass IP and fingerprint bans.


  • The cost starts from $5 per month.
  • In case the cloud PC data is banned, you’ll have to look for another cloud PC, which will lead to additional costs.
  • The digital fingerprints of the cloud PC may already be banned on different sites/

When choose this method

Cloud PC is suitable as a solution to bypass one-time ban. If, however, you regularly face ban on platforms while collecting data or using multiple accounts, it is better to pay attention to other methods.

Method #10. Contact the administrator

This one work only if you were banned by mistake or for minor violations.

The essence of the method

You can try to remove the ban directly through the administrator of the site. Solving the problem in this way can take a lot of time and there is no guarantee that it will lead to results.

How to implement

As a rule, all platforms, and services have special instructions in case of bans. You need to find the support contacts on the site and prepare your appeal.

My experience shows that you need to write short and to the point. For example, this is how a template of appeal can look like:

  • Greeting
  • What problem you have encountered
  • Motivated answer as to why you were banned by mistake
  • Request to lift the ban

Advantages of the method

  • Free. The only thing that you spend is your time.


  • No guarantee that the admin will remove your IP from the blacklist. This can happen if the IP was banned for gross violations of mail service policies.
  • It can take a long time. After sending the appeal, the administrator can consider the appeal from 1 day to several months. In some cases, you won't get a response at all.

When choose this method

The method may be suitable only if you have certainly not committed any violations or the violation was insignificant. In any case, the site owner may find reasons to refuse to remove the ban or simply not respond — at least, that’s what I’ve faced plenty of times.

Personally, I only once managed to remove the ban directly through the admin, and that because the IP-address was banned before me.

Method #11. Remove your IP address from blacklists

“Appeals, appeals, appeals” or another method when you have to write and then wait.

The essence of the method

In the network, you can find a lot of services that collect data about blocked IP-addresses. In particular, there are lists of IP addresses blocked in email services.

Your IP address may be blacklisted:

  • because of your actions
  • if someone has used this IP before you and violated the rules of a particular service
  • by mistake.

How to implement

Step 1 — Find out your IP address

If you don't know your IP address yet, check it through a special service on the web. For example, whatismyip or what is my IP address.

Step 2 — Check which services banned your IP

Check in public services whether your IP address is banned. For example, you can do this on the mxtoolbox website.

Step 3 — Find out how to appeal

If you found your IP on the blacklist of some services, find out how to send a removal request in a particular service.

For example, this is how you can appeal in Barracuda central.

Barracuda removal request
To remove your IP from Barracuda blacklist fill in the information about your IP and explain the reason of removal

And that’s how you can appeal on the spamhaus website.

Spamhaus removal procedure
According to the Spamhaus removal procedure, you can automatically remove your IP address from the PBL database

The content of the appeal may be as follows:

  • A greeting
  • A description of how the blocking prevents you from using the service
  • Explanation that you haven’t violated the rules of the service
  • Request to remove your IP address from the blacklist

The time period for considering the removal of your IP address from blacklists will depend on the specific service. It may take a couple of days or several weeks. At the same time, there is no guarantee that the ban will be removed.


  • Free. If some services require a fee for removing the ban, be careful, it may be scammers.


  • Takes time. You’ll need to send appeals to each service that blacklisted your IP address.
  • There is no guarantee that your IP will be excluded from the blacklist. The appeal may be refused, for example, if serious violations were committed from your IP Address.

When choose this method

This method is suitable for ordinary users and pros who work with mail services. The ban may be removed only if your IP was blocked by mistake or for the actions of a user who used the IP before you.

How to avoid IP bans

A combination of the above methods can help get around IP bans and continue your work with specific services. However, to avoid new bans in the future, always keep in mind the following rules.

Rule #1. Observe the laws and rules of the provider

Familiarize yourself with the laws, rules, and regulations of the country you are in and the specific ISP.

You need to pay attention to what are the restrictions on online behavior, what topics are forbidden and what are the blocked resources.

For example, in Dubai it’s forbidden to send 18+ content even in private messages, and in Oman and North Korea users are not allowed to use VPN services.

By following these rules, you can avoid problems with both services and the law.

Rule #2. Use Virtual Private Networks

VPNs help you avoid bans, stay anonymous and protect your data from intruders. It is important to choose reliable VPN services with a good reputation. When choosing free VPNs, the rule may work: if you don't know what the company makes money on, then it makes money on you. And your data.

As an alternative to VPNs, you can use proxy servers. Let me remind you that quality proxies substitute only your IP address and do not encrypt traffic, thus making you as much as possible similar to us ordinary user.

Rule #3. Pay attention to the etiquette of network communication

Services and platforms constantly analyze the behavior of users. In order not to attract the attention of security systems and site administrators, adhere to the rules of communication and behavior:

  • Respect other people's interests, opinions, views, and religion
  • Avoid criticism and insults
  • Do not harass users
  • Avoid an excessive number of one-size-fits-all messages in private chats and under users' posts.

Rule #4. Protect your computer

Use only proven and high-quality licensed services by subscription. When choosing software, download it from the official websites.

If you often work with social networks, maintain several accounts or are engaged in affiliate marketing, your must-have basis:

  • Proxies. Proxies should be selected for specific tasks. For high-quality multi-accounting you need residential proxies, for affiliate and email marketing pick dynamic proxies can be suitable. Always keep 5–10 proxies in stock.
  • Antidetection browser. The software will help you work simultaneously with different accounts of the service from one device.

Rule #5. Avoid mass actions

Behave on the site as any ordinary user. If, for example, you need to send messages or publish ads under users' posts, try to do it in stages. This will help you avoid attention of the site admins.

As for the content itself, try to write unique and friendly texts that don't look like spam posts. This’ll help avoid unnecessary attention from the website and increase the likelihood of getting a targeted action from the user.

Rule #6. Study the rules and policies of services and sites

Each website has its own rules and prohibitions. However, it happens that services use general wording, which makes it difficult to understand the boundaries of what is allowed.

In these cases, it is better to take the time to read reviews on such rules from independent experts. For example, affiliates and marketers regularly face bans on the web, and they share the reasons in public.

Rule #7. Observe speed and traffic limits

When web scrapping, limit the number of requests to the site server and collect the data gradually. It’ll help you avoid IP address bans for exceeding the number of requests.

If you need to collect data urgently, it is better to split this task between several devices. This will reduce the risk of bans for your device and accounts.

Rule #8. Observe the law when using torrents

Torrents contain many useful programs and information that is available on official websites for a fee.

However, downloading software from torrents may violate laws. In most countries of the world, downloading and distribution of unlicensed content provides administrative and even criminal liability.

Torrents may contain malicious programs that can infect your device and lead to data loss. In recent years, hackers have increasingly started using torrents to spread viruses. Once on devices, malicious code can steal the user's personal data or use the victim's device for illegal purposes.

Rule #9. Be careful when using public Wi-Fi networks

If you need to work from a public location, check the location’s IP address before you start. For example, through browserleaks. After that, check to see if that IP address is blocked on other resources.

If the IP is blacklisted or banned, use proxies and VPN to access the sites and services you need.

I recommend never to make money transactions or transactions with personal data through public Wi-Fi networks. Otherwise, you risk being left with both no data and no money.

Personally, I had my personal account data stolen this way at the start of my digital career.


I hope that the methods and tips I’ve collected in this article will help you find your perfect ways how to bypass an IP ban and work effectively online.

If you have questions, or would like to share feedback on specific techniques, I'd love to see you in the comments.