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What are browser configurations?

What are browser configurations?


Configuration – it’s a dataset collected from real browsers and devices. You can create a browser profile by choosing in the program a specific configuration. All fingerprints of your system are to be replaced with fingerprints from the configuration.

What does configuration includes

Each configuration consists of:

  • User-Agent
  • Screen resolution
  • WebGL
  • Navigator
  • HTTP
  • Fonts
  • Plugins
  • Mimetypes
  • Window object params
  • … and other parameters

Some parameters can be randomized or disabled in the system profile settings.

Advantages of configurations management

Why are our configurations better than randomly generated fingerprints?

  • In other services a system fingerprint is generated absolutely randomly, you don’t have an opportunity to choose the fine settings you need.
  • System inconsistencies are excluded, you will not be able to create a profile, for example on iOS, with a non-existent screen resolution.
  • Real data browser and devices, which allows you to bypass the anti-fraud system with a high probability.
  • One configuration is used by only one person.

What it looks like working with configurations on the new control panel

At creation of the most convenient Configuration Store we have added search functions by User-Agent and WebGL and the ability to select configurations by number of processor cores, size of the RAM and screen resolution.

A limited number of free configurations will be available at various plans, but you can buy additional configurations for $1. Configurations are sold exclusively to one person.

Also we have developed an accumulative bonus program:

  • If you bought more than 50 configurations - your discount is 5% for a purchase of new configurations.
  • More than 200 configurations - 15% discount.
  • Более 200 конфигов - скидка 15%.

and ect. The maximum discount of 30% remains with you if you buy more than 500 configurations.

Using configurations on the Undetectable

On the Undetectable you have a choice of free configurations (the number depends on the plan), and it is also possible to connect the configurations you purchased in the store. With the specified parameters, you can quickly select the desired configuration from the list presented.

Our interface differs from other antidetect browsers as it is simple and convenient. At the moment, we have more than 100,000 ready-made configurations, the number of which is growing every day. Therefore, the Undetectable is suitable for any professional who:

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