Proxy-solutions: setting up and using a proxy server to bypass blocks

Proxy-solutions: setting up and using a proxy server to bypass blocks

What should you do to avoid being left without Vkontakte or another social network if someone decides to block it? Is it possible to download millions of popular tracks on the music resource Spotify if the page is not available in a particular country?

When making a request to visit a specific resource, the user sends a huge amount of data about themselves, including information about their location. If the region from which the request came is not included in the list of allowed regions, access to and visiting the page will be denied.

To read a restricted website in a region, it is not necessary to move to another place, it is much easier to bypass the system by using a proxy.

What is a Proxy server and why is it needed?

A proxy is a special intermediary server that you can connect to, virtually change your location, and bypass the restriction on access to services and websites. The true visitor data, including the IP address, remains accessible only to the proxy service. The user uses the network anonymously. Why a proxy server is necessary:

  • To ensure confidentiality so that web resources do not recognize who is using it specifically.
  • For free access to content that is only available in a specific location.
  • To enhance the level of security: attacks will be targeted at the proxy.
  • To increase access speed to certain resources.
  • To be able to freely visit blocked websites and messengers.
  • To save external traffic.
  • For online games.
  • For data collection services and programs.
  • For social networks.
  • For bookmakers, casinos, and poker.

Data is cached by the service to speed up the processing of repeated requests. For example, when requesting the same document, it can be obtained directly from the proxy without connecting to the target service. This action saves bandwidth and company finances.

Proxy-solutions.net - uninterrupted work with any website, program, and game

Proxy-solutions.net is a service for selling proxies to gain prompt and uninterrupted access to blocked resources. A proxy service is a necessary business tool for building an alternative route to the desired point on the network if you work with ORM (online reputation management) or in SEO, visit websites that are prohibited in a certain country, or parse competitor's web resources. And much more.

The company provides services for providing package, personal, PRIME, and CITY proxies with unlimited traffic and a channel speed of up to 100 Mbps. Why clients prefer to cooperate with Proxy-solutions.net:

  • Automatic issuance of addresses after payment is displayed in the personal account.
  • Round-the-clock professional assistance.
  • Affiliate program and provision of 20% commission for each click on your link.
  • Purchase an unlimited number of IP addresses for different periods of time.
  • Use different types of connections HTTP/HTTP(s) or SOCKS5.
  • Minimum cost and high quality of services provided.
  • Convenient payment through various payment systems.
  • Easy and accessible proxy configuration in the Undetectable browser.

Proxy-solutions.net guarantees a high degree of security for connections to rented proxies in any chosen location: Ukraine, USA, Russia, China, European countries, and CIS countries.

Proxy-solutions.net: services provided

By paying the service provider, the user can expect the corresponding attitude, round-the-clock assistance, and a guarantee of a refund if the quality is not satisfactory. In turn, the provider is interested in providing the best value for money services. What Proxy-solutions.net offers to clients:

  • Personal IPv4 proxies are suitable for working with any website, service, and program.
  • Package proxies are already sorted by quantity and are slightly cheaper.
  • Prime - residential IPv4 proxies.
  • City allows you to choose not only the country but also the city.

The service does not require registration, while the visitor has access to a huge range of functionality in the personal account, service tools, and technical support.

How to configure a proxy in the Undetectable browser

To start working, there is no need to install additional programs, everything you need is in the system itself. How to set up a proxy in Undetectable:

  1. On the proxy-solutions.net website, select the desired service package.
  2. Confirm the order.
  3. Copy the IP address from the list of paid orders.
  4. In the Undetectable browser, click on the "+" in the upper left corner of the program.
  5. Enter the profile name.
  6. Configure the tags.
  7. Select the desired operating system.
  8. Choose the browser and configurations.
  9. Select the browser language.
  10. In the Network tab, specify the proxy type - HTTPS or Socks 5.
  11. Add the IP address, port, login, and password of the intermediate server.
  12. Click the "Check" tab and check the IP address.
  13. Click the "Save" button at the bottom of the screen. Done, you can start working.

Authorization takes a couple of minutes, and you no longer have to worry about restrictions, limitations, and connection security.

The IP addresses of Proxy-solutions.net are always valid proxies, impeccable service, affordable prices, and a huge selection of payment systems for service payment.