Guide to using the Proxys.io service in the Undetectable browser

Guide to using the Proxys.io service in the Undetectable browser

Anti-detect browser and proxy are one of the most effective tools for anonymization. The anti-detect browser replaces the digital fingerprint, and the proxy replaces the IP address. Using these parameters, sites monitor user actions on the Internet and identify rule violations. If you want to become as anonymous as possible, protect yourself from hackers and avoid penalties for multi-accounting, use these 2 tools together. In this article we will tell you about the proven service Proxys.io, where you can rent anonymous and secure proxies. In addition, we will look at how to connect a proxy in the Undetectable browser.

What is Proxys.io

Proxys.io is a proxy rental service that has been operating since 2016. A proxy is an intermediate server between the user and the Internet. It is used as a tool for anonymization on the Internet. It masks IP addresses and geolocation. The principle of operation is as follows: the proxy server accepts the user’s request, transmits it to the site on its behalf, and then redirects the received information back to the user. Thus, the user accesses the Internet with a changed IP address and geolocation. Websites and hackers cannot identify the user’s identity and reveal the real location of the user, since the data is securely disguised.

Functionality and benefits of Proxys.io

Proxys.io is designed taking into account the needs of users. The main advantage of the service is quality. All presented proxies are anonymous, secure, high-speed. Their use will not lead to leakage of personal data, sanctions from sites and connection interruptions.

A clear interface with convenient sections allows even a beginner to easily figure out where to find the information they need: check prices, view available countries, contact technical support, place an order.

The big plus is that the service is automated. This means that after payment you won’t have to wait for hours for the proxy data to be sent so you can use it. The IP address and port are instantly displayed in the buyer’s personal account after payment - this process is completely automatic.

Proxys.io offers:

  • all types of proxies: mobile, residential, server, IPv4, IPv6;
  • 88 countries to choose from;
  • convenient payment methods - you can pay for your order either by bank card or by cryptocurrency;
  • average speed — 7 Mbit/s, this speed is enough for any activity on the Internet;
  • tariffs for any budget;
  • responsive technical support, which is ready to help at any time of the day and answer all your questions.

SEO and SMM specialists, arbitrators, crypto traders, gamers, ordinary users - proxies from Proxys.io are chosen by both professionals and amateurs. With their help, you can create dozens of accounts on one site, work with automation programs without consequences, run parsing in multi-threaded mode, and anonymously visit web resources.

How to buy a proxy in Proxys.io

Buying a proxy is a simple process that takes less than 10 minutes. You can place an order in several sections of the service, but we will look at one - through the main page. What should be done:

  1. Go to the Proxys.io home page.
  2. The “Buy proxy” button will appear at the top, click on it.
  1. Fill in the characteristics of the proxy server you need. Specify the type, country, period and other data.
  1. Enter your e-mail, select payment methods.
  1. Pay.

Order is processed. These proxy data can be found in your personal account - they will become available immediately after payment.

How to set up a proxy in Undetectable

Connecting a proxy in the Undetectable browser takes a few minutes and does not require special skills. Step-by-step algorithm on how to do this:

  1. Create a new profile by clicking “New Profile”, or go to an existing one.
  1. Find the “Main” tab, select “New proxy”.
  1. Fill in the proxy server information. Specify address, port, type. In addition, you can additionally specify a name, then information about the proxy will be saved and it can be used in the future without re-entering its data.
  1. After filling out all the fields, click the “Check Proxy” button to make sure that the proxy server is working.

Proxy setup is complete. Now you can rest assured about your anonymity and security on the Internet!

If you want to increase the level of privacy, freely engage in multi-accounts without fear and not be afraid of leaking personal data, proxies from Proxys.io will become your main assistants. The service offers comfortable conditions for clients: flexible tariffs, high-quality proxies, 88 countries to choose from and 24-hour technical support.