Top services for creative uniqueness: metadata removal, Telegram bots, hash data modification, and other methods

Top services for creative uniqueness: metadata removal, Telegram bots, hash data modification, and other methods

Creative - an important element of a successful advertising campaign. Often, traffic is directed in multiple directions, and each requires unique creatives. How to prepare such a volume?

The solution is personalization, or the process of modifying the parameters of the source file to pass the uniqueness check when uploading.

In this article, we have compiled the best services that will help you quickly and easily personalize your creatives.

Removing Metadata

Metadata (EXIF) is a set of invisible file information that is read during the uniqueness check of the creative. They can be removed using special programs:

  • ExifTool - a free metadata processing application suitable for any platform.
  • IrfanView - a small program for video and audio files. It also has a set of features for editing graphic files.
  • Xnview - supports viewing more than 400 and converting up to 50 different graphic formats.
  • UniqGmblng - the service can create dozens of copies based on one source creative in 1-2 minutes.
  • Profitweb.tools - changes metadata, shifts elements, and adds noise.

Telegram Bots

There are many bots on Telegram for creative personalization and metadata removal:

  • EasyCreo - a free bot with diverse functionality for quick creative creation.
  • unikcreo_bot - effectively removes metadata and adds noise. Up to 5 free personalizations, then a subscription for 199 rubles/month.
  • clicklead_media_bot - suitable for processing video metadata.
  • PhotoVideoUniq_bot - quickly personalizes images and videos.
  • apps4you_uniqbot - personalizes photos without loss of quality.

Changing Hash Data

Uniqueness is also determined by the Hash sum - an identifier set by the original file owner. It changes when any changes are made to the file (except for changing the name or extension). You can view the file's Hash sum using the Onlinehashcrack.com service.

To change the Hash sum, you need to slightly edit the photo/video file in any suitable editor.

For photo creatives, Adobe Photoshop is the best choice, especially the free online version.

For video personalization, you can use Adobe Premiere Pro, Sony Vegas, and other programs.

When choosing music, you can find copyright-free audio on websites like Open Music Archive and Audionautix, or search for "no copyright music" on YouTube.

Stock Images

To get a unique creative, you can take and enhance files from stock image websites.

Shutterstock - a company that provides stock photos, videos, music, and editing tools. It offers a free trial period.

Crello or Canva - both services have a wide range of templates, PNG images of people, and various font styles. More similar features are available in the Pro version.

Spy Services

Creatives can also be borrowed. For such cases, there are spy services - platforms where arbitrageurs can take creatives.

  • AdHeart - a service mainly for Facebook with global coverage.
  • SpyHouse - a free spy service with ads for CIS countries. Creatives are taken from social networks.
  • SpyOver - here you can find creatives from teaser networks.


There are popular software programs for more detailed personalization:

  • Go Art - an online service for applying filters based on AI.
  • XnConvert - a batch image converter; can save and reuse presets.
  • NConvert - a powerful batch image processor with over 80 commands, compatible with 500 image formats.


There is no perfect "recipe" for creating absolutely unique creatives. The main thing is to work with different creatives and develop your own approach. Over time, you will determine which creative personalization services are most convenient for you, and this will be the key to your successful advertising campaigns.