Best browser extensions for traffic arbitrage

Best browser extensions for traffic arbitrage

Many people believe that professional software only comes with a default set of features. While this may be true for most programs, it is not the case for Undetectable. Its capabilities can easily be expanded by installing specialized extensions. Here is a list of some of these extensions:

Copy All Urls

Having a large number of open tabs is a problem that every arbitrator faces on a daily basis. Closing them can result in the loss of important information such as case details or effective creative examples. This extension saves a list of open web pages in a text file, HTML, or JSON format.


Arbitrators use not only graphical advertising formats but also textual content to promote offers. However, for the content to be visible to the target audience, it must meet various SEO criteria. TextOptimizer simplifies this process by automatically analyzing text based on the parameters set in the settings.


Creating promotional videos is costly and time-consuming. Therefore, it is more advantageous to use ideas and developments that can be learned from competitors. SaveFrom.net can download videos published on social networks and video hosting channels, allowing you to easily save them on your device.


This tool enables quick searching for posts on social media platforms based on a specific topic. The extension allows you to quickly save the found content for further editing.

Word Grabber

Well-selected keywords are the key to effective promotion. Thanks to Word Grabber, the process of collecting semantic data from Yandex.Wordstat takes only a few minutes. Webmasters can perform this task without having to open the service's page in their Undetectable browser.


This extension allows you to create a browsing history based on cookies. It automatically visits websites, with the list of sites being generated based on specified keywords.

10 Minutes Email

Arbitrators often have to register in multiple services and create numerous accounts. The 10 Minutes Email extension simplifies this task by providing temporary email addresses. These addresses are displayed in a separate dialog box.

While these tools cannot turn an ordinary browser into an undetectable one, they can certainly expand the capabilities of Undetectable in the desired direction. So, don't miss out on this opportunity!