Anti-detect browsers for shopping and Instagram contests

Anti-detect browsers for shopping and Instagram contests

With the help of Undetectable, you can conveniently purchase goods on foreign marketplaces. In addition, Undetectable is capable of positively influencing luck and increasing the chances of winning in various contests. However, it is important to understand that anti-detection tools are only part of a larger mechanism. Today, we will consider all its components.

How to bypass geographical restrictions and reduce shipping costs on eBay

It is not worth considering the internet as one big market where everyone can find cheaper goods or services. Unfortunately, for users from many countries, American and European marketplaces, where products are available at lower prices, remain closed. This strange policy of retail companies is explained by many reasons:

  • Geopolitical reasons.
  • Lack of established logistics with certain regions.
  • Prohibition of selling products in a particular country by the manufacturer, etc.

eBay, which operates in the United States, is particularly popular among online shoppers. Here you can purchase new and used items at a lower cost... But:

  • The marketplace is not available in all countries.
  • Some sellers prefer to work only in the local US market, so they filter out customers from other regions in their targeting settings.
  • eBay charges an additional commission for converting foreign currency.
  • The cost of shipping by the marketplace outside the US is higher than that of third-party courier services.
  • The service does not deliver oversized items across borders.

Therefore, to buy goods on eBay, it is better to use Undetectable with high-quality residential proxies. After creating an account on the marketplace, it needs to be warmed up for 1-2 weeks before starting shopping.

It is also necessary to arrange for a local delivery address for purchases in advance. Such services are provided by mail forwarding companies. With their help, you can rent an address in the US. After the packages are delivered to this address, the company will send the purchased items to your home.

As for North America, it is most profitable to rent mailboxes in the states of Delaware, Montana, Oregon, and Alaska, as there is no sales tax in these states. This way, you can save up to 9-12% of the cost of goods.

Increase your chances of winning in Instagram Giveaways with multi-accounting and Undetectable

Giveaway is an effective way to promote on Instagram. It is a contest held among the followers of a brand's Instagram page. Most often, Giveaways offer the brand's own products or a package of services provided by the promoted brand.


Giveaways are often held among users from a specific region. Therefore, to participate in a chosen contest, regional proxies are also required. As well as Instagram accounts, which can be purchased on specialized platforms. Accounts aged 6 months or more are the most suitable. However, the cost of such Instagram pages can exceed $50.


Although for this amount, you can purchase a dozen less developed accounts. It all depends on your financial capabilities.

To become a participant in a Giveaway, a user must perform a series of actions that are specified in its terms and conditions. Most often, this includes subscribing to the profile, commenting, liking, and other actions that positively affect the visibility of the promoted Instagram page.

To increase your chances of winning, you need to use as many accounts as possible. For each of them, a unique fingerprint with relevant proxies should be created in Undetectable.


Then, using all the Instagram profiles, perform the necessary targeted actions. After the end of the contest, the Giveaway organizer randomly selects the winners. Thanks to the multi-accounting approach implemented with Undetectable, your chances of winning the prize increase by a factor equal to the number of accounts used.

As you can see, with the help of anti-detection tools, it is convenient and effective not only to promote offers but also to carry out more practical things. For example, purchasing goods at reasonable prices and increasing the likelihood of winning contests. But don't forget that Undetectable is just a detail of a larger mechanism that performs its function correctly. Therefore, the result of its work depends not only on the anti-detection browser.