Multi-Accounting: How to Increase Efficiency on Undetectable

Multi-Accounting: How to Increase Efficiency on Undetectable

The saying "One man is not a warrior!" best describes the problem faced by arbitrators, webmasters, affiliate program affiliates, and anyone else who wants to expand their interaction with social networks, bookmakers, and cryptocurrency platforms. After all, these services block any attempt by a user to create multiple accounts. But why risk your personal profile and expose it to a possible ban? Or are we missing something?

Let's take social networks, for example. They all vigorously combat any manifestation of multicounting. This is the term used for accessing a chosen platform using multiple user profiles. This can increase the efficiency of your activity in many areas:

  • In affiliate marketing, multicounting is used by webmasters and arbitrators to promote offers from categories whose advertising is not allowed on social networks. For example, cryptocurrency and brokerage projects. Most foreign and domestic social networks prohibit the promotion of these platforms.

  • Several profiles created in one bookmaker's office allow you to increase the amount of winnings from your predictions. It also allows you to use so-called "forks." A bookmaker's fork is a mechanism where bets are placed on all possible outcomes of a sporting event with different bookmakers. This allows the player to win regardless of the competition's outcome, but the winnings will only be a few percent of the bet amount.

  • When distributing tokens, fresh cryptocurrency projects often conduct free token giveaways to attract the attention of their target audience. With the help of multiple profiles, you can increase the number of coins received multiple times.

As you can see, multicounting is in demand in any online industry. But it's not that simple. Anti-fraud systems of services are always on guard and can quickly detect user profile cloning based on digital fingerprints. This is where anti-detection browsers come to the aid of webmasters, players, arbitrators, and regular users. They protect created accounts from blocking by replacing these fingerprints. Therefore, effective multicounting is impossible without a tool like Undetectable.