SEO strategies for YouTube doorways: keyword selection and competitive analysis

SEO strategies for YouTube doorways: keyword selection and competitive analysis

YouTube dorevays are a source of conditionally free traffic (CFT). They can be suitable for arbitrageurs who do not have a budget to work with more expensive sources. YouTube dorevays are mainly used for gambling, dating, finance, goods, nutra, and subscription offers.

YouTube dorevays are a network of channels with videos made from ready-made content. Each video is optimized for search.

When an interested user watches a video, they can click on a link to an offer. When working with white offers, it is better to place the link in the description, and when working with gray offers, in the first pinned comment.

Increase the success of your dorevay channels with competitor analysis and strategic keyword targeting on YouTube

Before launching dorevay channels, it is necessary to study competitors in the desired GEO, how they promote similar offers, and what triggers an active response from the audience. You can pay attention to:

  • Video duration;
  • Creatives and approaches;
  • Used tags;
  • Structure of titles;
  • Number of views, likes, comments;
  • Cover design;
  • Funnel in general - where the link is placed, where it leads, what promotional materials are used.

It is also necessary to parse key queries that people use to come to YouTube and search for videos. For example, in the gambling niche, these can be queries related to streams, big wins, slots, how to beat the casino.

The queries need to be grouped, highlighting low-frequency, medium-frequency, and high-frequency ones. The keywords are then placed in the channel description and in all texts: video titles and descriptions, tags, hashtags, subtitles, hints, and intros. YouTube has artificial intelligence that can recognize text and voice in frames.

Creating effective videos for dorevays: tips and tools

To create videos, you will need consumables:

  • Anti-detect browser - to bypass moderation and scale the bundle. Undetectable Browser is excellent for this task!
  • Gmail email addresses.
  • Aged Google accounts. Manual farming is better than automatic.
  • Proxies for the desired GEO.
  • Virtual numbers for the desired GEO.

With Undetectable Browser, you can create multiple channels. This will help reduce traffic losses in case of bans. It is better to upload up to 1,000 videos to each channel.

Principles of effective dorevays:

  • High-quality frames and clear voiceover. The videos should not differ from regular YouTube videos.
  • Attractive thumbnail. It affects CTR and should catch the eye, evoke a desire to open and watch the video.
  • Working with comments and other activity. Negative comments and spam should be monitored, deleted, or responded to. The network of channels and accounts can be used for mutual promotion.
  • For one offer, it is better to create several videos with different approaches - review, compilation, results, testimonials. This will expand the audience.
  • Each video should have its own variation of keywords. The collected semantic core should be used to the maximum.

It is desirable to make videos for offers that will exist for several weeks or months. This way, they will generate profit as long as the video is posted on YouTube.

Software for working with YouTube dorevays

Software helps automate mass video creation and uploading to an account, as well as collecting keywords through search suggestions:

  • For keyword collection, you can use BAS, Key Collector, Google Keyword Planner.
  • For video creation and uploading to an account, you can use Zennoposter templates, Video Spin Blaster.

The potential of YouTube dorevays for generating high traffic at low costs

YouTube dorevays allow you to drive traffic with minimal investment. This alternative source is relevant for many verticals. One of its advantages is that leads will continue to come as long as the video is published. To create an effective dorevay, it is necessary to analyze competitors and trends, select keywords, and establish content production.