How to Use ChatGPT for Arbitrage Work: New Features in 2023 and 7 Examples

How to Use ChatGPT for Arbitrage Work: New Features in 2023 and 7 Examples

The ChatGPT neural network can optimize the time and budget of an arbitrator. With the help of artificial intelligence, it is easy to simplify the creation of offers, calculate risks and get more profit. In this article we’ll talk about exactly how to use ChatGPT to get great results.

New features of the ChatGPT neural network in 2023

In 2022, the ChatGPT neural network, which was based on the GPT-3.5 version, became popular. In March 2023, a new version called GPT-4 was released, significantly improving its functionality. The main difference in the fourth version is that, in addition to text, it is now possible to send images, sounds, and videos to the neural network. However, the user will only receive text and code in response, as other formats are not yet available. GPT-4 also has broader text processing capabilities and can pass exams at an honors level.

There are also drawbacks: it is still not connected to the internet, so its knowledge base is limited to September 2021, and it provides false information as facts. For arbitrageurs from Russia, there is another disadvantage: the neural network does not work without a VPN, and to register, you need to buy a virtual SIM card because the confirmation code does not come to a Russian number.

7 Practical examples of using ChatGPT to optimize the work of an arbitrageur

1. Filling a website with content

The neural network can generate simple texts such as reviews, product descriptions for cards, and select keywords to improve search engine rankings. ChatGPT can create a content plan for a blog for a month and come up with the structure of an article.


Article plan written by ChatGPT

Benefits for an arbitrageur: It is possible to save on content creation. However, the neural network will not be able to produce anything complex or too sophisticated, so all texts will need to be checked.

2. Developing a website from a sketch

There is a case where a developer made a sketch on paper, uploaded an image, and received a ready-made website from the neural network. ChatGPT 4 is not afraid of messy handwriting, unclear diagrams, or charts.


Website sketch


Ready website

Benefits for an arbitrageur: If you learn to give clear instructions to the neural network, you can save on website development.

3. Creating chatbots

With ChatGPT, it is possible to create your own AI-powered chatbot. It can answer questions like a neural network and provide product consultations. Even a non-technical person can handle this task with the help of available guides.

Benefits for an arbitrageur: It is possible to implement a chatbot on a website for customer communication or set up a chat in Telegram to promote an offer.

4. Determining the tone of the text

The neural network analyzes the text for friendliness, mood, and tone and provides advice on which keywords to add to make the content appealing to a specific group of people.

Benefits for an arbitrageur: It is possible to check the tone of the text to better match the mood of the target audience and make personalized offers.

5. Text translation

ChatGPT's automatic translation can compete with Google Translate. The neural network is available in almost 100 languages and can translate text into any of them.

Benefits for an arbitrageur: It is possible to quickly and accurately translate content for international offers, including local dialects, to make advertisements look organic and increase conversions.

6. Summarizing meetings or texts

To save time on reading long and complex texts, it is possible to ask the neural network to summarize an article. To do this, you need to send the text or a link to it and give the command "make conclusions." In future versions, the neural network will likely be able to summarize videos as well.


Benefits for an arbitrageur: It is possible to spend less time analyzing work articles or self-education without losing results.

7. Creating tasks for other neural networks

ChatGPT does not generate images, but it can create detailed technical tasks for Midjourney or DALL-E. To do this, you need to ask the neural network to describe an object or situation in as much detail as possible, specify the number of words, and indicate which neural network the task is for.


Benefits for an arbitrageur: By having access to ChatGPT and Midjourney or DALL-E, it is possible to save on hiring a designer.

ChatGPT is one way to make work more interesting, efficient, and profitable. Starting from simple tasks, it is possible to move on to more complex ones and automate the entire work of an arbitrageur.