Chrome 111 Update - Important Changes and Benefits for the Browser

Chrome 111 Update - Important Changes and Benefits for the Browser

The capabilities of Undetectable go beyond ensuring user confidentiality on the Internet and bypassing anti-fraud algorithms. They also make it convenient to visit websites. In other words, without fingerprint editing functionality, they would become ordinary browsers. However, to implement this universality, Undetectable must be deployed on a popular engine.

Most internet browsers use Chromium, which is also the foundation for Google Chrome, the most popular browser in the world. This browser holds over 65% of the market share. Therefore, using Chromium as the foundation ensures cross-browser compatibility for all versions of Undetectable and allows for the installation of browser extensions from the official Chrome store.

What changes has Chrome undergone in 2023?

In early February of this year, Chrome 110 was released. This is the last version of the browser that supports Windows 7 and 8. In the future, devices running these editions of the operating system will not receive browser updates.

Chrome also introduced support for the CHIPS (Cookies Having Independent Partitioned State) technology. Its use enhances user confidentiality by storing cookies in separate partitions. This ensures that session data is only accessible to top-level websites that have collected the cookies.

In March, Google introduced the next version of its internet browser. Chrome 111 addressed 40 vulnerabilities, including 8 critical and 11 medium-risk bugs. Interestingly, several of these vulnerabilities were discovered by third-party developers.

The latest browser update focuses on expanding support for the Privacy Sandbox technology. It allows advertising networks and analytics platforms to determine user interests and target them without relying on cookies. Chrome 111 includes a dedicated reference section explaining the advantages of using Privacy Sandbox. After reviewing the information, users are prompted to go to the browser settings and activate this technology.

And let's not forget that Undetectable also benefits from these aforementioned innovations. Additionally, its capabilities are constantly expanding thanks to the development team. Therefore, Undetectable not only provides high-quality multi-accounting but also offers the convenience of working in the familiar Chrome environment.