Website and Landing Page Builders: Top 6 Free Versions and Tips for Creating an Effective Landing Page

Website and Landing Page Builders: Top 6 Free Versions and Tips for Creating an Effective Landing Page

You can quickly and easily build a website or landing page even if you don't know the basics of programming. There are website builders available that are adapted for any device.

A website is created from ready-made elements that need to be included in the page content, and then their appearance and information need to be customized. There are few free services, but most builders offer a trial version.

Increase Conversion with an Effective Landing Page

The main goal of a website is to inform users. Websites generate traffic, while landing pages are specifically designed to convert traffic into leads.

However, even with a good offer, an unoptimized landing page will show low effectiveness. Therefore, for traffic arbitrage, a well-designed landing page is a crucial aspect of a successful advertising campaign.

Top 6 Website Builders for Beginners: Free and Paid Versions

Before choosing a website builder, you need to determine the type of website/landing page and the purpose of creating them. In the initial stages and for simple tasks, a free version will be sufficient; later on, you can choose to purchase a paid plan.

Here are some of the most convenient builders:

  • site123.com - the best builder for beginners with a minimal set of necessary functions. It offers 16 types of websites and is suitable for creating multilingual sites.

    Free - unlimited number of sites with 500 MB each (note that they will display ads).

    Minimum plan - $7.75/month.

  • uCoz - a time-tested service where modules are used instead of blocks. Here you can create forums, simple websites, and blogs.

    Free - 1 site with 400 MB.

    Minimum plan - $3/month.

  • Tinkoff - a builder developed by a bank for simple landing pages. It has a convenient visual editor and can work together with other features of the bank, including payments. However, it only offers 20 templates and limited capabilities. Completely free.

  • 4U - ideal for creating landing pages. The templates are sorted by project type, and the visual editor is suitable for beginners. It allows integration with popular payment services. However, it is not suitable for creating a large online store, as the set of functions is quite limited.

    Free - 1 site.

    Minimum plan - 50 rubles/month.

  • Nethouse - offers an impressive set of features, while being easy and intuitive to use. It has many options for organizing events and conducting online payments.

    Free - unlimited number of landing pages.

    Minimum plan - from 300 to 650 rubles/month.

  • Tilda - has a diverse set of features, but it may be difficult to navigate without preparation. It is perfect for creating a large brand website or online store.

    Free - 1 site with 500 MB.

    Minimum plan - 6000 rubles/year.

  • Wix - has a flexible and visually rich interface. Wix is most convenient for creating portfolios, business card websites, blogs, and landing pages.

    Free - 1 site with 500 MB.

    Minimum plan - 1800 rubles/month.

Tips for Creating an Effective Landing Page: Simplify Navigation and Increase Conversion

When creating any type of website, it is important to remember that simpler navigation is better. A good landing page should meet the main needs of the audience. Even with a minimal set of tools, you can create an effective landing page with good conversion and traffic. In the near future, you may have the opportunity to purchase a paid plan and unlock additional features. It's all in your hands.