Undetectable 2.5.0: browser optimization for large projects

Undetectable 2.5.0: browser optimization for large projects

Optimizing the Browser for Large Projects

Storing thousands of browser profiles? - Easy! Thanks to advancements in this area, you now have the ability to deploy large-scale projects on devices experiencing performance issues. Now there will be no problems with scrolling and loading a large number of profile cards.

Efficient Memory Usage


Outdated Cookies


Undetectable Browser is now even more convenient

Frequency of Configuration Usage when Creating Profiles


Sorting Pinned Profiles

A convenient feature has been added to move pinned profiles using the standard Undetectable interface.

More Features in the Undetectable API

Profile creation, cookie export and import, data clearing, and profile folder switching. You can familiarize yourself with the new features in the documentation. As always, feel free to contact technical support if you encounter any difficulties.

Fixed Bugs in the Undetectable 2.5.0 Update

  • Fixed an issue where the folder list was not cleared when changing the profile storage folder.
  • Fixed an issue where the synchronized cloud profile was in focus when editing or creating a new profile.