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Blazing SEO is an advanced proxy service that is easy to use, and the result exceeds expectations. Among the tools offered by the company is Proxy Pilot, which is engaged in subtle behavioral analysis of target resources (unanswered requests, blocking methods...) to help bypass bans.

Overview of Blazing SEO 2022

Often even a review of a world-renowned proxy service includes only a standard set of parameters. This is because in addition to the beautiful "advertising cover", you can only highlight, for example, a large pool of IP-addresses or a large number of countries with resident intermediary servers. In this respect, Blazing SEO strongly stands out because it offers an advanced system for bypassing bans by social networking security tools, online stores and portals.

Some of these systems do not even need to be configured by the user, where not only the IP to access the target resource, but also the address segment is automatically changed to reduce risks. If you need to understand and take into account the details of the operation of the protection means of specific network resources - use Proxy Pilot tool that will help to collect information and conduct accurate analysis.

How Blazing SEO helps in anonymous work on the Internet

The owners of Blazing SEO describe the history and reasons for the company: About 10 years ago, massive actions of "black" and "gray" players on the Internet led to the fact that all major sites have taken an active response. As a result, the number of IP blocking has increased dramatically, and it affects not only the dubious businessmen, but also other users who have not taken any dangerous actions.

Collecting commercial and other information on the web, promoting social media accounts has become a more difficult task for everyone. To alleviate these difficulties, the proxy service Blazing SEO was created, which offers the following solutions:

Proxy of premium providers

User requests are redirected using an IP address from the subnet of a reputable ISP serving the residential sector. Therefore, the request does not look like it comes from an anonymizing service.

Proxy Data centers

The methodology and result are similar to those described in the previous paragraph. The difference is that IP addresses from subnets serving many corporate clients in data centers are used. Customer requests go online in the general mass with the traffic of reputable companies and do not arouse suspicion.

Mobile Proxies

The service offers the use of rotating mobile proxies, which, first, use exclusively the IP of mobile operators, and secondly, regularly change them when sending requests to target resources. As a result, everything looks like the work of ordinary users of smartphones or tablets.

Advanced system of periodic address change

Traditionally, proxy providers have their own small IP subnet, within which addresses are changed. It is not difficult for the target resource to block such a segment entirely. Blazing SEO uses an autonomous system (AS), which includes nine networks with routers and unified management. Nothing is known about the existence of a single management of the target resources, and changing the address to another subnet allows you to avoid blocking.

Proxy Pilot – analysis and selection of ways to bypass bans

The most interesting tool from the provider is Proxy Pilot, which:

  • Processes information about failures and automatically makes repeated requests

The system detects bans, automatically re-requests unreceived information.

  • Implements block avoidance logic To prevent the proxy address from being blocked, you need to send requests with a small and variable frequency. Proxy Pilot sets breaks between repeated uses of each IP address.

  • Detects bans The system uses several strategies to determine whether the client's request has been blocked, whether a retry is required. To do this, the HTTP code is analyzed, even a full HTML parsing is carried out. Proxy Pilot also supports geo-targeting, allows you to collect information for blocking analysis for a particular URL, visualizes data...

h2 – Configure Undetectable browser to work with a proxy from Blazing SEO

Let's talk briefly about the setup for normal operation. Let's explain that to use the capabilities of the Proxy Pilot presented above, you need to add code blocks to the software you are using. This, too, does not cause much difficulty, but for the presentation will have to noticeably increase the volume of the article.

After selecting and paying for a package of services on Blazing SEO client receives a list of proxy options. The data specified in the list (host, port and server type, login and password for access) can be individually entered in the profile editing window in Undetectable browser. If the number of proxies used is large, use the Proxy Manager. The manager will generate a template with which it will be easy to edit a test file marked with special characters with a list of proxy parameters. From the finished file, all parameters are entered into the Undetectable browser after pressing one button.

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