Neural network-based services for an arbitrator: texts, images, videos

Neural network-based services for an arbitrator: texts, images, videos

Services based on neural networks that an arbitrator can use to create any type of creatives: texts, images, videos. There are also neural networks that can help webmasters in terms of SEO, creating websites and doorways for arbitration. Some neural networks can write Android Webview application code.


DALLE-2. Draws images based on textual descriptions. You can assign a task to create art in a specific style.

Imagen. Creates high-precision images. To get the result, you need to enter a description.

Midjourney. Draws high-quality well-thought-out creatives. To make the image as accurate as possible, the prompt (description) can be prepared using another neural network, such as ChatGPT.

Wonder. Enhances photos, adds effects, can create an image from scratch.

Neural.Love. Enhances the quality of photos and videos to the maximum.

Dream by WOMBO. Creates images based on specified parameters.

Craiyon. Provides several options for creatives based on descriptions, which is useful for testing.

Simplified. A neural network-based graphic editor. Can remove background, change size, create images based on descriptions, and much more.


Synhtesia. Allows you to create videos with a narrator, supports 120 languages.

RunwayML. A video editor that allows you to create edits in a matter of minutes, which would normally take hours. It also has a photo editor.

Descript. Allows you to record, edit videos and podcasts, create clips, and record screens.

Fliki. Turns text into videos, creates videos from scripts, blog posts, adds visual effects and voiceovers.

Phenaki. Creates animated videos based on textual prompts.

Steve.ai. Creates videos based on text in a matter of minutes.


Wellsaid. Converts text into voice, creates persuasive voiceovers.

Resemble. Converts text into speech, can change one voice to another in speech, creates voiceovers for videos in seconds.

Play ht. Converts text into voice, the result can be downloaded in mp3 or wav.

Murf. Converts text into speech, offers a wide library of natural voices.

AudioLM. Generates sounds, can extend musical tracks.

Aflorithmic. Creates audio based on textual descriptions, provides 100 sound designs and 30 effects.

Texts for creatives, website articles, and SEO

Cohere.ai. Writes texts of various types: product descriptions, blog posts, advertising messages.

Writesonic. Creates texts for 70 different scenarios - landing pages, headlines, articles, Quora answers.

Chibi.ai. Writes texts for blogs, advertising messages, can be used for storytelling.

Copy.ai. Creates content with the desired tone of voice: newsletters, posts, advertisements.

CopySmith. Writes advertising and SEO texts, product descriptions.

Jasper.ai. Multilingual service for generating texts: articles, video scripts, SEO texts.

Frase. Can analyze websites, provide recommendations for SEO and keywords, create texts, optimize them for search engines, and study competitors' content.

GPT 3 x Image Captions. Creates alt-tags for images, recognizes what is in the picture, and writes SEO captions.


ChatGPT. The neural network can write Android Webview application code. And this is far from its only or main function. The new neural network from OpenAI can write posts, SEO texts, texts for creatives and campaigns on Facebook, YouTube video scripts, create converting headlines, and generate ideas.

Inferkit. Writes texts tailored for applications and ASO. You can specify the length of the text, keywords, and additional parameters.

Amazom CodeWhisperer. A service for coding and creating applications, provides coding recommendations.

Laika. Suitable for gaming-oriented applications, helps write game scripts, develop plots, and characters.


Neural networks are not yet able to fully replace humans. For example, neural networks that write texts and posts produce results that require editing, correction, and are far from perfect. But services based on neural networks can automate many routine processes. Artificial intelligence helps save time on routine tasks and focus on more strategic tasks.