How to Extend the Life of Your Google Ads Account: IP, Geo, Cookies, and Proxies

How to Extend the Life of Your Google Ads Account: IP, Geo, Cookies, and Proxies

To prolong the life of your Google account, it is important to increase its trust. When a campaign is launched on the account, it goes through two stages of verification: automatic and manual. Moderators check all elements of the campaign and the account itself, rejecting them if any violations are detected. The more such rejections, the lower the trust.

IP Address, Geo, Cookies

Google will not block an account just like that. On the contrary, the company is interested in the convenience and comfort of its users and constantly works to improve the user experience. To avoid a ban and extend the life of your Google account, it is important to consider the following principles:

  • IP address should be clean. Google becomes suspicious if someone logs in with a VPN, and such accounts receive maximum attention. Undetectable Browser can help avoid the risks of blocking. With its help, you can set up unique clean IPs for each account. Undetectable is a reliable assistant when you need to run dozens or hundreds of campaigns from different accounts.
  • Avoid VPN if possible. Finding a quality VPN that belongs specifically to you is difficult. There is a high probability that the VPN was previously used by someone else who may have engaged in prohibited activities, such as spamming. If Google sees someone logging in again with such a VPN, the account will be blocked. For this reason, it is also necessary to avoid free proxies.
  • Stick to the same geo location. If a user has worked with an account in one location and then changes the settings and logs in from a different location, this raises a red flag for Google. The user will have to go through a phone verification, and if it fails, the account will be permanently blocked. It is important to log in from the same geo location for one account.
  • Accumulate cookies. Google keeps track of whether a user has logged into other services from their account and authorized them through Gmail. If so, everything is fine: the more such authorizations, the better for trust. Undetectable Browser has a cookie bot that automatically accumulates cookies and speeds up account farming.

Campaign Verification

Before launching a campaign, it is necessary to check it thoroughly. Often, unintentional errors and carelessness become the reasons for rejections and bans. If there are too many rejections, the account will be banned.

What is important to check:

  • The landing page content matches the creative content, there should be no discrepancies. For example, a mistakenly specified discount or a product photo can be considered a discrepancy. A gross violation occurs when the links are mixed up and the user ends up on a landing page for a completely different product.
  • The creative complies with the rules. It is advisable to check each creative using the Google Vision service, which shows what the reviewing robots see in the image. There should be nothing prohibited there.
  • The technical parameters of the creative are correctly specified. For example, utm tags. If there are errors in them, trust will also be reduced.
  • The text of the creative strictly complies with Google's policies. There should be no insults, misleading information, clickbait, or unsubstantiated claims.
  • All creatives are unique. Uploaded promotional materials should have their metadata cleared. You can check the image for uniqueness using TinEye, clean the metadata using Easycreo_bot or PhotoVideoUniq_bot, and make them unique using graphic editors.
  • Trustworthy payment methods are linked. Payment methods should have BINs from trusted banks. Another important rule is that the payment method's geo location matches the account's geo location, campaigns, and proxies.


The preparation of the account, warming up, and careful management of campaigns collectively influence the increase in trust and the longevity of the account. The key to success in extending the life of a Google account is the use of high-quality proxies and the proper configuration of an anti-detection browser, and Undetectable will help you with that!