Filling Scheme with Meta in Business Manager: King or BM - Which One to Choose? | Undetectable Browser

Filling Scheme with Meta in Business Manager: King or BM - Which One to Choose? | Undetectable Browser

Working with Facebook: Different Approaches to Account Linking

When working with Facebook, especially with gray offers, using the traditional method with an advertising account or Business Manager doesn't always work. That's why it's worth trying different schemes and methods for account linking. Let's consider several options for how accounts can be linked.

The traditional method can be effective if the Business Manager has been created some time ago (i.e., not used immediately after creation) and has been properly warmed up, for example, by running white campaigns.

The risk of a ban still remains: if Facebook bans the Business Manager, the advertising account will be disabled. Therefore, it's worth trying other schemes.

King and Autoregs

A "King" or "Mamka" is a high-quality, well-warmed-up account with high trust. The King account spreads its trust to other accounts, which can reduce the risk of a ban.

Experienced arbitrageurs recommend working with two Kings: if one gets banned, the other will remain. You can link cards, grant access rights to Fan Pages, and launch campaigns with one King, while keeping the other as a backup.

Undetectable Browser can further protect accounts from bans. You should create a King, accounts with Fan Pages, and autoregs in it. It's desirable for each King to have the same IP address.

You can link up to 10 autoregs to a King. It's preferable for their geos to match the geos of the campaigns. Autoregs' access rights are linked to the King. Campaigns can be launched from the Fan Pages.

You can also link high-limit PZR accounts, 2 Fan Pages, and 3 payment methods to the King. It's preferable to launch and link cards from the account side. If you need to log out or edit a campaign, you can make changes through the King with shared Fan Pages.

Business Manager and Autoregs

For this scheme, you will need a high-quality farmed account with a Business Manager. Through it, you need to request access rights for autoreg accounts and then let them rest. Autoregs can be linked through auto-fill services.

It's important to add trusted administrators - user accounts that have not been banned. Autoregs should preferably be divided between two Business Managers to avoid the risk of losing accounts when the Business Manager gets banned.

Account Top-up from Personal Messages

It's advisable to use trusted accounts, as this will affect the lifespan of the account itself and the campaigns. Accounts that are several months or a year old, with constant activity and running white campaigns, may be suitable. This scheme usually works well when dealing with white offers.


To bypass Facebook moderation, it's important to try different schemes and methods for account linking. Each scheme can be adapted to suit your volumes and offers. There is no universal solution that would work for everyone: each situation may require its own approach. High-quality expendables - user accounts, proxies, and payment methods - play a significant role in extending the life of an account.