How to Extend the Life of Facebook Accounts: Warm-up, Content, Advertising

How to Extend the Life of Facebook Accounts: Warm-up, Content, Advertising

If a Facebook account has a long history and is constantly active, running campaigns that don't violate any rules, then such an account has high trust. The likelihood increases that the social network's algorithms will allow for higher spending limits. Another advantage is that there is no need to constantly spend money and time searching for expendables, warming up accounts, or restarting campaigns. Let's consider how to make a Facebook account live longer.

Warming up the Fan Page

Warming up is important not only for the account itself but also for the Fan Page. Undetectable Browser, a cookie bot for warming up, will further accelerate the trust-building process on Facebook when farming multiple accounts and Fan Pages!

The Fan Page and its design influence the account's trust as well as the cost per click or lead. It is necessary to warm up the Fan Page before the campaign and while the campaign is running. It is advisable to publish fresh posts every 3 days, initiate activity, encourage users to leave likes and comments. Motivated traffic services can be used, but with caution and within limits.

For publications, you can borrow content from websites with a similar profile, refer to thematic articles, or rewrite them, and repost accounts of other bloggers. It is important to respond to comments: Facebook should be convinced that the advertiser is a person who is interested in customers.

Avoiding aggressive advertising

If an ad violates the rules, Facebook rejects it. When there are too many rejections and they occur frequently, the account's trust decreases to zero and Facebook bans it.

Therefore, one way to increase the lifespan of an account is to carefully double-check your creatives, Fan Page, and landing pages for possible violations. It is important to avoid phrases that may contain deception or be misunderstood. For example, references to 100% guarantee, unrealistic numbers, and deadlines.

When preparing promotional materials for Facebook, it is necessary to disguise the message to the audience, make the landing page more "white," or use a cloaker.

Properly formatting the landing page

Facebook carefully checks the website to which the link in the ad leads. The landing page domain must be trustworthy and not be on any blacklists. There is a browser extension called Web of Trust that shows how social networks see and evaluate the domain and how safe they consider it to be.

On the landing page, it is important to include the advertiser's contact information, phone number, and address. It is mandatory to have:

  • Privacy policy;
  • Terms and conditions of service, including money-back guarantee and product delivery.

This will show Facebook that the advertiser is selling legitimate products and is interested in the safety of buyers.

If a cloaker is used, the same information must be indicated on the white page.

Making creatives as unique as possible

Ideas, approaches, and creative templates can be taken from spy services, but copying them exactly should be avoided. Facebook detects unoriginal creatives and rejects campaigns, which leads to a shorter lifespan for the account.

Each creative should be adapted to fit the offer, adding unique elements. Image uniqueness and meta tag cleaning can be achieved using tools such as Imgfactory, Mass-images, ImBatch, and similar ones.

Following the "one account - one offer" principle

With one account, no more than one offer should be launched. Each offer should have its own domain and Fan Page. Facebook analyzes and checks the products that the account advertises. If one account promotes 2 or more products, it is too suspicious for Facebook.


Facebook can ban any account, and there is no universal way to protect yourself from bans 100%. However, you can minimize the risk of blocking by following our recommendations and thereby extend the lifespan of your account. It is important to apply a comprehensive approach and try several methods.