Undetectable Browser: why and how cookie-bot works to boost trust

Undetectable Browser: why and how cookie-bot works to boost trust

Many advertising platforms pay great attention to the trustworthiness of an account. If an account is trustworthy, it will live longer, pass moderation easier, and have the opportunity to run ads with higher budget limits.

One of the components of trust is the accumulation of cookies during farming. Cookie bot is a convenient tool called Undetectable Browser, which allows you to boost the trust of multiple accounts automatically.

What are cookies and why accumulate them

Cookies are fragments of code that store information about a user and their behavior.

Cookies can contain:

  • Logins and passwords for authorization;
  • Information about the operating system and browser;
  • IP address;
  • Location;
  • User actions and settings.

If an arbitrator creates an account and tries to immediately launch ads on it without accumulating cookies, it is likely to be blocked. Actions from a new Google or Facebook account will be considered suspicious. On the other hand, accumulated cookies will show the verifying algorithms that the user is a regular person who visits different websites.

You can accumulate cookies manually. But this is only convenient if you have a few accounts. For a large number of accounts, this approach is impractical. The arbitrator will spend several hours just looking at the websites of the desired geolocation.

Farming is only a small, albeit very important, part of arbitrage. There should be time left for strategy, creatives, analysis, and other business processes. You can hire a farmer, but it is even better to automate the accumulation of cookies using Undetectable Browser.

Cookie Bot Undetectable Browser and its capabilities

The bot's functionality allows you to set up automatic website browsing for a selected period of time. You can choose any number of days, but it is advisable to follow the logic of a real user so that the visits look as natural as possible.

How the bot works: it sequentially launches selected profiles and runs them through a list of website addresses specified by the user. Thanks to the built-in Top Websites Generator service, you can simply specify the geolocation and the desired number of websites, and the bot will select suitable websites from that geolocation. It is important that these websites are from the same geolocation as the accounts. For social networks and advertising platforms, it will be suspicious if a person from France only visits Thai websites in the Thai language.

In the future, we plan to develop the capabilities of the bot. Let's take a closer look at its interface and functions that can already be used for farming:

  1. Selecting the browser engine on which the profiles need to be warmed up.
  2. A dropdown list for selecting profiles and filters (folders for working with local profiles, tags).
  3. A dropdown list for selecting the type of script. You can choose to randomly launch pages or launch them in order.
  4. Checkboxes for functions: whether to load images on the opened websites or not, whether to change the IP address if the link for changing the IP is defined in the proxy settings.
  5. A dropdown list for selecting the timer: fixed or random timer within a specified limit.
  6. Fields of the built-in Top Websites Generator, which will select websites based on the specified geolocation. A button to import websites from a file.
  7. A field where you can manually fill in the list of website addresses. Also, this is where the links collected using the Top Websites Generator or imported from a file will appear.
  8. A button to start and restart the bot and view logs.

Thanks to the latest update, the bot now works with profiles on the Chromium engine as well.

You can find more detailed information about the bot and its options in our instruction.


For quality farming, it is necessary to accumulate cookies before launching an advertising campaign. This will increase the trust of the account and give it a history. If an arbitrator has only one account, they can accumulate cookies manually by selecting websites and visiting them. But when there are multiple accounts, it is better to use the cookie bot Undetectable Browser. It can accumulate cookies automatically.