Why Facebook is not allowing ads: common reasons and ways to avoid blocks

Why Facebook is not allowing ads: common reasons and ways to avoid blocks

Most often, ads are blocked due to rule violations. This can happen not only due to the arbitrator's carelessness. Some rules are not obvious and are not specified anywhere. Examples include using a stop word in the ad that is not listed in the advertising policy; the reviewing algorithms determine that the photo depicts a model who is too exposed. In rare cases, ads are blocked due to algorithm malfunctions.

Common reasons for ad rejections

Common reasons why Facebook may not approve ads include:

  • URL errors. This includes cloaking, where the link that the user clicks on leads to a different website, and moderators detect this. Cloaking is necessary for promoting many arbitrage offers, and it is set up from multiple accounts. Undetectable makes it easy to create multiple accounts for scaling and launching profitable campaigns. Each FB account will be highly trusted.
  • Attempting to promote prohibited goods. The list of prohibited goods is specified in the FB Advertising Policies.
  • Before and after images. These are not allowed on FB. However, associations can be used, showing measuring instruments instead of the human body, clothing of different sizes, infographics.
  • Clickable buttons and elements that cannot be clicked. For example, a Play button.
  • Incorrect mention of FB. The name Facebook should be written with a capital letter, in regular font, and used together with the official logo. It is prohibited to modify it into another form, such as "фейсбучный" or "фейсбучить".
  • Discrimination of individuals. FB considers it discrimination if personal characteristics such as gender, age, health status, religion, race, and others are mentioned in the ad. The list is specified in the Advertising Policies.
  • Misleading information. The effectiveness of the product must be supported by facts.
  • Excessive text on the image. The proportion of textual information on the image should not exceed 20% of the image area. Exceptions include book covers, music albums, product packaging, posters, and games.
  • Spelling errors. This includes the misuse of special characters, offensive language, excessive use of capital letters, and excessive use of emojis.
  • Poor image quality. If the photos are blurry or unclear, FB will not approve them. The quality of the creatives can be improved using neural networks, such as Let's Enhance, Waifu2x, Vance AI Image Enlarger, Neural Love.
  • Technical glitch. FB algorithms can sometimes have glitches. In this case, the problem can be resolved by contacting support.

How to get Facebook to approve your ad

It is important to do everything possible to minimize rejections. Each moderation rejection is a trust setback. If there are many rejections, Facebook will block the account.

In the event of a rejection, you can:

  • Correct the error if it was identified. For example, replace the "before and after" photo, rewrite the text to make it grammatically correct. After making the changes, the ad should be resubmitted for moderation.
  • File an appeal. If the arbitrator is confident that they have a white offer and the creative does not violate the rules, they can file an appeal through a special form. It is important to justify the appeal and provide evidence.

It is advisable to delete blocked or rejected ads so that they do not "hang" in the account, as this will reduce trust.

How to avoid ad rejections and FB blocks

To prolong the life of the account and increase its trust by avoiding rejections, it is recommended to:

  • Regularly review the Advertising Policies for any changes and check your ads against them as a checklist.
  • Work on the quality of the creative: well-written text, accurate information, clear images.
  • Carefully link the card and monitor the balance replenishment. Blocks occur if there are errors and discrepancies in the payment details, or if the balance is topped up with a large amount for a non-warmed-up account.
  • Properly warm up the accounts. Undetectable is equipped with a cookie bot that provides automatic warming up.


Facebook may reject an ad without apparent reasons, even if the arbitrator is promoting a white offer. Paying attention to the Advertising Policies and all the elements of the campaign, such as creative, link, landing page, and warming up, will reduce the percentage of rejections and thereby increase the trust of the account.