How to make money on airdrop distributions: secrets of success

How to make money on airdrop distributions: secrets of success

To make a profit, you initially need to invest as much financial resources as possible. And without initial capital, there is no income in sight... Although it's not that simple! There are also less financially costly ways to earn money. Take, for example, cryptocurrency airdrops, which can make you truly wealthy. To do this, you just need to follow some rules.

Does anyone in their right mind give away cryptocurrency for free?

An airdrop is the free distribution of tokens among project participants. They are most often conducted by companies to achieve several goals:

Free distribution increases the number of token holders, which positively affects the brand's reputation. It is an effective marketing move - news of the free distribution of coins quickly spreads among the target audience, allowing a large number of interested users to learn about the new project. Moreover, the cost of such promotion is much lower than other marketing channels, while its effectiveness is much higher. Functionality testing - after the distribution, coin holders start making mass transactions with them, during which serious bugs in the blockchain and other functionality are identified.

How to maximize profits from cryptocurrency airdrops?

To earn from token distributions, you need to participate in as many airdrops as possible. By following this tactic, you will become a holder of many promising cryptocurrencies. However, this is not a guarantee of being able to achieve significant income. The majority of new tokens do not even survive until the start of exchange trading. And if fresh cryptocurrencies do manage to enter the exchange market, their initial value does not exceed a few cents.

How to increase the chances of success?

The recipe is the same - try to become the owner of the maximum number of tokens during the distribution. This significantly increases the likelihood of receiving higher income from coin sales in the future. And here is where Undetectable comes in handy. The anti-detection browser allows you to bypass anti-fraud systems operating on cryptocurrency platforms by replacing digital fingerprints and create not just one, but multiple user accounts. This will also increase the number of coins received during the airdrop.

But don't forget!

It is practically impossible to predict the prospects of a particular token. However, you can increase the likelihood of success and, accordingly, the size of your income by owning a large number of different cryptocurrencies. Even if their current price is lower than the cost of a box of matches. After all, Bitcoin itself was sold for a few cents at the beginning of its journey.