Update Undetectable 2.4.0 - Best Spoofs

Update Undetectable 2.4.0 - Best Spoofs

Moving Canvas, WebGL Image Hash, Client Rects, GetBattery, and MaxTouchPoints have been moved to the browser core

The Undetectable update includes important changes to the browser core, including the addition of Moving Canvas, WebGL Image Hash, Client Rects, GetBattery, and MaxTouchPoints to the browser core. This methodology significantly improves fingerprinting, making it more difficult for anti-fraud systems to detect user actions on the Internet.

By implementing these browser fingerprinting methods into the Chromium core, Undetectable provides an even higher level of privacy and security compared to browsers that rely solely on JavaScript.


Chromium core updated to version 110

Anti-fraud systems are evolving and adapting to new threats, which requires anti-detection browsers to keep up with the latest changes and regularly update. In this arms race, using outdated versions of browser cores immediately raises suspicions for security systems, as when a new version of Chrome is released, it is almost instantly updated by billions of users worldwide.

By updating the browser core, Undetectable maintains its effectiveness as a privacy protection tool on the Internet. In conclusion, it should be noted that using an outdated browser for detection evasion is a risk that should be avoided. Regular core updates are crucial to maintaining effectiveness.


Discontinuing support for Undetectable browser on Windows 7/8/8.1

The update to version 110 of the core forces us to discontinue support for the software on outdated versions of Windows. To continue using Undetectable, please update your operating system to a more modern version.

Added browser version update feature to the profile manager

What to do with browser profiles on older versions? One of the key features of this update is the ability to update browser versions through the profile manager. Now you can easily update the browser version in your existing profiles to the latest version, which will result in a change in the User Agent.

Added checkbox to system fingerprint settings to enable/disable clientRects spoofing

The anti-detection browser update also includes a checkbox to enable or disable clientRects spoofing in the system settings when creating a new profile. For reference, ClientRects provide information about the location and position of an element on a page and have recently been used for detection.

While the checkbox provides additional control over the fingerprint, enabling it can make the fingerprint too unique, leading to its detection by anti-fraud systems. This can compromise your privacy and security.

Our developers insist that the default settings are the optimal choice for most users. To ensure maximum privacy and security, it is recommended to leave the clientRects swapping checkbox disabled.


Intuitive account import in the browser

Simply drag and drop the profile file into the main menu! Thanks to Drag&Drop, working with profiles has become faster and easier.

Forced cloud profile check

A manual check button for the presence of new cloud profiles has been added to the "Account" tab. This minor improvement allows for faster use of the Undetectable browser without waiting for synchronization with the cloud, which automatically occurs every 10 seconds.


Profile tag customization

Simplify profile navigation with tag customization! A special tab has been added to the settings where you can change the color and customize other tag parameters.


Copy all profile information

A button has been added to easily copy all profile information at once. This will greatly facilitate communication with technical support and assist in writing your own scripts using the API.


API works with Chromium flags

Access to experimental Chromium features such as "Send pages using QR code", "Smooth scrolling", "Play/Pause button for music and video", and others is now available in Undetectable through chrome://flags/. More details in the documentation!

We also fixed the following bugs:

Fixed an issue where Cyrillic characters in the proxy name were replaced with question marks when exporting. Cloud profiles no longer reset when downloading a new profile. Fixed an issue where cloud profiles started downloading again. Disabled image loading in profiles on Chromium.

Upcoming updates for Undetectable

We will also move fonts, WebRTC, and Geolocation to the browser core. Additionally, the cloud panel and payment dashboard will be significantly improved in terms of interface.


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