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How to pay with cryptocurrency through an exchanger

How to pay with cryptocurrency through an exchanger

In this article, we will consider how to pay with cryptocurrency without creating wallets through an exchanger. To select an exchanger, you can use an additional service ( is taken as an example).

  1. Select the source of payment (from where we will transfer).
  2. We choose which cryptocurrency we will exchange for.
  3. We choose an exchanger (they may differ in the checks that need to be done during the exchange (mobile phone, email, photo) when choosing, you can focus on the number of reviews).

Important! Please note that different exchangers have different minimum amount for exchange.

Having decided on the exchanger, go to its page (the structure is similar for all of them).

We will find out the required amount of cryptocurrency and the wallet for transfer on the subscription payment page.

After choosing a payment with a cryptocurrency, select its type and the information of interest to us will be displayed on the next page: the required amount and wallet to send.

We copy them and enter them into the form on the page of the exchanger. Next, follow the instructions on the exchanger. After the transfer, a confirmation should come to the wallet (this may take from several minutes to several hours, depending on the commission and network congestion) and the subscription will automatically renew.

If you have any additional questions about payment or the renewal did not automatically work, write to our technical support, we will definitely help you.

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