Global update Undetectable 1.2: new features and free plan

Global update Undetectable 1.2: new features and free plan

Our team is constantly moving forward and has made the Undetectable anti-detection browser more accessible and convenient for team work. We have been collecting your feedback throughout the entire time and hope that this update has been maximally useful!

Teamwork and Cloud Profile Synchronization

Working as a team has become easier! Now browser profiles can be synchronized between devices without the need to export/import files.

The new web panel - cloud.undetectable.io - will help you manage users, groups, roles, sessions, and, of course, monitor the status of cloud profiles in real time.

By default, for the Undetectable license administrator (app.undetectable.io), the login credentials for the cloud panel will be the same as the registration credentials. (The login and password for this panel are the same as the access to the program).

Now let's go into more detail about each section and what it is used for.

Users, Roles, and Groups

In the users section, you still have the ability to invite new users to the program, either individually or in a list via email (line by line). Each new user must be assigned a role and group.

Default roles and groups have been created:

  • Default group - all users are automatically added to it. Profiles also fall into this group if the group they belonged to was deleted.
  • Admin role - the default administrator role assigned to the Undetectable account creator (cannot be deleted)
  • User role - the default user role (cannot be deleted) The Manager role has been added as an example for creating your own roles with selected access levels. You can delete it. By editing one role, you change the access levels for multiple users who have it assigned.

Cloud Profiles

Browser Fingerprints and Sessions

All open sessions of your team are now displayed in one section, with detailed information about the running device. You can disconnect unnecessary sessions at any time.

The "Popular Websites Generator" service has been moved to the cloud panel at this address: https://cloud.undetectable.io/top-websites

Free Plan

We have made Undetectable more accessible to those who are just starting their journey in the multi-accounting field and have added a free plan!

  • 5 cloud profiles
  • 10 browser fingerprints (configurations) that can be updated monthly
  • The ability to purchase additional cloud profiles, from 10 to 40

The number of profiles is added, not replaced. If by default you have 5 profiles in your plan and you decide to purchase 30 more, you will have a total of 35 cloud profiles.

Customization of Pricing Plans

Extensive customization options have been added to the pricing plans, which will help you save significantly without overpaying for unnecessary functionality.

If necessary, you can always:

  • Add new users on any paid plan
  • Increase the number of cloud profiles on Free and Custom plans
  • Purchase more daily sessions on Custom and Professional plans
  • Connect your own server on the Custom plan, allowing you to work with an unlimited number of cloud profiles (excluding the costs associated with maintaining your servers)

New Pricing Plans

More details on the corresponding tab - https://undetectable.io/ru/pricing

Sessions - the number of running program instances. By purchasing users, you effectively get additional sessions and the ability to create an account.

Transition of Existing Licenses to New Pricing Plans

Since the pricing plans have been updated, the transition to the new plans is carried out according to the following grid. All plans will be recalculated taking into account the unused funds for the license.

We have moved licenses to higher plans, while maintaining the number of users in the license. If necessary, you can always switch to a lower pricing plan.

Comparison of New and Old Pricing Plans


Starter is equivalent to Free. Now anyone who wants to test Undetectable can use a free license on a monthly basis. The unlimited local profiles on this plan have been replaced with 5 cloud profiles.

If necessary, you can increase their number. Now instead of 30 configurations, only 10 are available, without the possibility of expansion. But it is now completely free.


Previously, the Base plan had 2 users by default, which forced many customers to pay for unused functionality. Now, by default, there is only 1 user on this plan, and the number of configurations has been reduced from 30 to 25.

The base cost of the plan has been reduced, and if necessary, you can always get additional users and configurations. The export/import of local profiles and proxies is no longer available.

On this plan, as well as on all subsequent ones, unlimited creation and storage of local profiles is maintained. Additionally, you get 50 cloud profiles.


Team is equivalent to Professional. For the same reasons as with Base, the number of users has been reduced from 5 to 2. The number of fingerprints and the functionality with unlimited local profiles remain the same.

The base cost of the plan has also been reduced. Additionally, you have access to 100 cloud profiles. If necessary, you can purchase additional sessions/users and configurations.


For Custom, for the same reasons as with Base and Team, the number of users has been reduced from 10 to 5. In return, you get 100 configurations instead of 80 and significant savings even with the additional purchase of users.

As a bonus, you get 200 cloud profiles. This plan provides full functionality of Undetectable and the ability to purchase any necessary options.


Changes in License Renewal Period Discounts

Period Discount
3 months -5%
6 months -10%
12 months -20%
### Cumulative Discount for Purchasing Configurations

Private Storage for Your Cloud Profiles

With the addition of cloud profiles to the program's functionality, another option has appeared - private storage. If necessary, you can purchase a slot to connect your own server where cloud profiles will be stored. The key advantages of this option are:

  1. The number of cloud profiles will be limited only by the resources of the connected server. If you use thousands of profiles, this will significantly save costs.
  2. The security of profiles and the stability of operation depend only on the settings of your server. In case there are any issues with Undetectable servers (we make every effort to prevent this), it will not affect your work.

Connecting private storage is only available on the Custom plan and costs $500/month for 1 server. This option will significantly save costs for large teams.

If you are interested in private storage, please contact support at support@undetectable.io or via the online chat.

Updated Website and Documentation

  • The app.undetectable.io panel has been updated to manage licenses, payments, and configuration purchases.
  • Only one Undetectable license can now be in one account. Through the updated web panel, you can renew it, change pricing plans, and customize it accordingly.
  • After registering in the new panel, a free license will be automatically created.
  • By default, when registering a new account, the authentication credentials for the panel are the same as those required to access the program.
  • A new automatic payment method, Capitalist, has been added.
  • Saving payment methods (bank cards) for automatic renewal has been implemented.
  • The balances of the account store and the configuration store have been separated. The account balance can be used to pay for the subscription and top up the configuration store balance. The configuration store balance can only be used to pay for configurations.
  • Updated documentation with convenient search in the selected language docs.undetectable.io

Affiliate Program

The affiliate program can now be activated by every user on the page and receive a starting 7% referral fee from all payments.

Please note that the referral program is currently time-limited and will be valid until 01.01.2025 according to our affiliate program rules. We also recommend familiarizing yourself with them here.

Bug Fixes

  • Added a timer to close the error window without selecting an answer.
  • Updated the start page of a new tab in the browser.
  • Fixed an issue with saving account data on some websites.
  • Fixed an issue with displaying the flag of a new profile.
  • Fixed a Page Network error.

Roadmap and Our Future Plans

Currently, we are focused on adding a new browser engine based on Chromium, which will allow the browser to add extensions from the Chrome Store and connect automation via Puppeteer, Playwright, and Selenium APIs.

Stay tuned for updates on our social media and website!