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How to set up bulk creation of browser profiles

How to set up bulk creation of browser profiles

A profile in Undetectable is a set of data and settings for a browser. Each profile contains cookies, configurations, and other program settings. The user can create multiple profiles, with the same configurations but different settings.

This way you can visit the traffic source without fear of being discovered. Each time, the social network algorithms will “think” that different users are coming from completely different devices.

For traffic arbitrage tasks, you need many accounts. Each account should ideally be linked to a separate device in order to pass social media moderation. If an arbitrator logs in from one device and creates several accounts, sooner or later the social network will block the entire chain.

"Mass Creation" option

The Undetectable interface includes a bulk button. If you click it, the bulk creation window will open.


What are the job opportunities:

  1. Create profiles from configurations.
  2. Import file with Useragent+Cookies
  3. Import Cookies Only
  4. Special extended format for importing from Google Sheets, Excel and .tsv files

All sample files are available by clicking the button with a question mark next to the format selection


Basic bulk creation settings

  • Customize profile name template. Here you can set the initial identifier and form the necessary template. If the template field is left blank, then only the identifier will be given.
  • Configuration filters by operating system and browser.
  • Choice of configurations to be used when creating profiles.
  • Number of generated profiles.
  • Choice of tags


Advanced bulk creation settings

  • For Windows configurations, you can set the screen size.
  • Proxy selection.
  • Choice of primary and secondary languages.
  • The input field "Initial page" allows you to set several initial pages by entering website addresses separated by a space.


Generating a preliminary list of profiles

When you click on the generate button, a preliminary list of profiles with names and basic information is created. After that, you can start creating these profiles by clicking the button.

  • A field that will display information about the generated profiles.
  • Button for pre-profile generation.
  • Button to create generated profiles.


Profile management

Bulk profiles can be managed using the Profile Manager. This is a tool that allows you to structure information, distribute folders, delete, archive, import and export. Profiles can be sorted and grouped by tags, names.

What does the Profile Manager include:

  1. Search by profiles.
  2. Filters by tags, status, folders.
  3. List of created profiles.
  4. Select all profiles.
  5. Removal.
  6. Archiving.
  7. Removing from the archive.
  8. Deleting profiles.
  9. Export profiles.
  10. Editing.
  11. Launch profiles.
  12. and other functions.


By calling the context menu with the right mouse button, you can perform the following actions with profiles - with one or more:

  • run profile;
  • export profile;
  • export cookies;
  • export accounts;
  • import profile;
  • update your browser to the latest version;
  • clear profile data;
  • delete profile;
  • add a profile to the archive;
  • send the profile to the cloud or make the profile local;
  • change profile group if cloudy;
  • set proxy;
  • set tags;
  • install folder.


To export profiles, select the required profiles and click the "Export" button. A system window will open in which you need to select a folder to store the exported profiles file and click "Save". The resulting file can be transferred to another device for further import.


To import profiles, click on "Import". Then you should select a file with profiles in the system window that opens and click "Open". The added profiles should appear in the profile list.


Bulk Creation is an Undetectable option that allows you to create multiple profiles at the same time. You can manage and organize them using the Profile Manager.

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