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How to save and modify account data on websites

How to save and modify account data on websites

The Accounts in Undetectable

To avoid losing account data (logins and passwords), we have made a separate tab Accounts in every profile you create.

In this tab we fill in:

  • website address
  • login
  • password

Where the data is stored

All of this data is saved not only in the Undetectable system, but also in the browser. Using a particular profile you open the website in your browser, and you are offered a list of saved logins for that profile.

In most cases, manual setting of these parameters is not required.

You can also mass import and export a list of websites with accounts in .tsv format (data is separated by a tabulation symbol).

What should I do if I can't save a password?

If you can't save your password on a website, contact our support team:

Telegram Support:

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