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Useful services based on neural networks for an traffic arbitrage

Useful services based on neural networks for an traffic arbitrage

Neural network-based services can be used by arbitrageurs to create any type of creo: text, images, video. There are also neural networks that can help with SEO for webmasters who create arbitrage sites and dorweis. Some neural networks can write Webview code for the Android application.


DALLE-2. Draws images based on a text description. You can give a task to create art in a certain style.

Imagen. Creates highly accurate images. You need to enter a description to get the result.

Midjourney. Draws quality thoughtful creatives. To make the image as accurate as possible, you can prepare a prompt (description) with another neuron, such as ChatGPT.

Wonder. Improves the photo, adds effects, can create a picture from scratch.

Neural.Love. Improves photo and video quality to the maximum.

Dream by WOMBO. Creates images according to the specified parameters.

Craiyon. Gives you several creo variants by description at once, which is useful for tests.

Simplified. Neural network-based graphical editor. It can remove backgrounds, resize them, create a picture by description and much more.


Synhtesia. Allows you to create a video with narration, supports 120 languages.

RunwayML. A video editor allows you to make edits in minutes that would normally take hours. There is also a photo editor.

Descript. Allows you to record, edit videos and podcasts, create clips, and record the screen.

Fliki. Turns text into video, creates video from scripts, blog posts, adds visual effects and voiceover in 2 minutes.

Phenaki. Creates animated videos based on text cues. Creates text based videos in minutes.


Wellsaid. Converts text to voice, creates a convincing voiceover.

Resemble. Converts text to speech, can change one voice to another in speech, creates a voice-over in a video in a few seconds.

Play ht. Converts text into voice, the result can be downloaded in mp3 or wav.

Murf. Converts text to speech, offers a wide library of live voices.

AudioLM. Generates sound

CodeWhisperer. A service for coding and creating applications, gives recommendations on coding.

Laika. Suitable for game-oriented applications, helps to write game scripts, write up plots, characters.


Neural networks are not yet able to fully replace humans. For example, neural networks that write texts and posts give results that need editing, correction and are far from ideal. But services based on neural networks can automate many routine processes Artificial intelligence will help save time on routine and focus on more strategic tasks.

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