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Undetectable global update v1.2

Undetectable global update v1.2

Our team never stands still and has put a lot of efforts to make the Undetectable antidetect browser more accessible and more convenient for teamwork. We have been collecting your feedback throughout this time and hope that this update was as useful as possible

Teamwork and cloud profile synchronization

Teamwork has become even more convenient! Now browser profiles can be synchronized on various devices without export or import of files.

New web panel - helps manage users, groups, roles, sessions and, of course, perform real-time monitoring of the cloud profile statuses.

By default, the login details of the Undetectable license administrator ( for the cloud panel will be the same as the registration details. (The login and password for this panel are the same as those used for access to the app).

Now let's talk in more detail about each section and why it is needed.

Users, Roles and Groups

In the Users section, you also can invite new users to the program, both one by one or massively via email (line by line). Each new user must be assigned his role and group.

The user role determines his access level for the web panel and the app. You can define several standard roles with different access level and assign them to the respective users.

There are groups for convenient division of profiles and users. A profile can only attributed to one group at a time, and users can be granted access to different groups if necessary. In this way you can divide users into different groups and not worry about significant profiles being visible to all users.

There are the following default roles and groups:

  • Default group, to which all users are added automatically. Also, this group includes all profiles that belonged to another group that afterwards was deleted.
  • Admin role, being the default administrator role assigned to the user who has created the account in Undetectable (cannot be deleted)
  • User role, being the default user role (cannot be deleted)

Manager role, being an auxiliary role you can use for creating your own roles with the selected access level (can be deleted). By editing a role, you simultaneously change the access levels for several users whom it was assigned to.

Cloud Profiles

On the Cloud Profiles page, you can track the profile status (Running/Available), change the group, and delete the profile. You can also roll back to the profile version last saved on the server by clicking on the “Running” button, after which a modal window will appear with the confirmation of resetting the profile.

Browser fingerprints and sessions

Purchased browser fingerprints (configurations) now can be named and searched by name both through the app and the web panel.

All open sessions of your team are now displayed in a dedicated section providing detailed information about the running device. At any time unnecessary sessions can be disabled.

The “Top Website Generator" service has been moved to the cloud panel at:

Free tariff

We have made Undetectable more affordable to all those who are just starting their hard road to the multi-accounting world and added the free tariff!

  • 5 cloud profiles
  • 10 monthly updated browser impressions (configurations)
  • Possibility of paid addition of 10 to 40 additional cloud profiles

These profiles are added to the existing ones but not replace them. If your tariff includes 5 profiles by default and you want to buy 30 additional profiles, then you will get 35 cloud profiles in total.

Tariff plan customization

We have added wide opportunities for customizing tariff plans, which will help you save a lot without overpaying for extra functionality.

If necessary, you can always:

  • Add new users for any paid tariff;
  • Increase the number of cloud profiles for the Free and Custom tariffs;
  • Buy more sessions per day for the Custom and Professional tariffs;
  • Connect your own server for the Custom tariff, which will allow you to have an unlimited number of cloud profiles (excluding the costs for your server maintenance).

New tariff plans


Sessions are the number of running program copies. By purchasing additional users, you actually get additional sessions and the ability to create new accounts.

Switching existing licenses to new tariffs

Since the tariffs are updated, the current tariff plans are switched to new ones according to the following grid. All tariffs will be recalculated considering unspent funds for the license.

We have switched licenses to higher tariffs based on the principle of maintaining the number of users for a license. If necessary, you can always switch to a lower tariff plan.

Comparison of old and new tariffs


Starter is similar Free. Now everyone who wants to test Undetectable can try a free monthly license. For this tariff, unlimited local profiles have been replaced with 5 cloud ones.

If necessary, you can increase their number. Now, instead of 30 configurations, only 10 are available without the possibility of expansion. But we made it totally free.


Previously, the Base tariff included 2 users by default, which made many clients overpay for the unused functionality. Now this tariff has only 1 user by default, and the number of configurations was reduced from 30 to 25.

The basic cost of this tariff has been reduced, and if necessary, you can always buy additional users and configurations. Exporting/importing local profiles and proxies is no longer available.

The possibility of unlimited creation and storage of local profiles has been preserved for this tariff, as well as for all the subsequent ones. You additionally get 50 cloud profiles.


Team is similar to Professional. For similar reasons as with Base, the number of users has been reduced from 5 to 2. The number of impressions and functionality with unlimited local profiles remained the same.

The basic cost of this tariff has also been reduced. You additionally get 100 cloud profiles. If necessary, you can buy more sessions/users and configurations.


For similar reasons as with Base, the number of users for Custom has been reduced from 10 to 5. In return, you get 100 configurations instead of 80 and save a significant amount even if you buy additional users.

5 cloud profiles as a bonus. This tariff provides the full Undetectable functionality and the ability to purchase any necessary options.


Changes in discounts for the license renewal period

Period Discount
3 month -5%
6 month -10%
12 month -20%

Cumulative discount for purchasing configurations

Private storage for your cloud profiles

With the addition of cloud profiles to the program functionality, another option has appeared — private storage. If necessary, you can buy a slot for connecting your own server where cloud profiles will be stored. Key benefits of the option:

  1. The number of cloud profiles will only be limited by the resources of the connected server. If you use thousands of profiles, this will help you save a lot;
  2. Security of profiles and stability of operation depend only on your server settings. In case of any failures with the Undetectable servers (though we make every effort to prevent this from happening), this will make no effect on your work. Private storage can be connected only for the Custom tariff for $500/month per server. This option will help large teams save a lot.

If you are interested in private storage, contact our support team at or via online chat.

Updated web-site and documentation

  • The has been updated to manage licenses, payments, and configuration purchases.
  • One account can now have only one Undetectable license. With the updated web panel you can extended it, change current tariff plans and customize you account according to the changes.
  • After you sign up with a new account, a free license will be automatically created.
  • By default, when a new account is created, the credentials for this account match those required for access to the program.
  • We have added a new automatic payment method, Capitalist.
  • The feature of saving the payment method (bank cards) for automatic renewal has been implemented.
  • Balances of the account store and configuration store have been separated. From the account balance, you can pay the subscription fee and replenish the balance of the configuration store. From the balance of the configuration store, you can only pay for configurations.
  • The updated documentation with convenient search in the selected language is now available on

Partner program

Each user can now activate the partner program on the page and get a 7% starting referral on all payments.

Please not that the referral program is currently limited in time and will be valid until 01/01/2025 according to our partner program rules. We also recommend you to learn more about it.

Bug fixes

  • We have added a timer to close a window with errors without choosing an answer option.
  • The start page of a new tab in the browser has been updated.
  • We have fixed a bug with saving account data on some web-sites.
  • We have also fixed a bug with displaying the new profile flag.
  • Page Network error has been fixed.

Roadmap and our plans for the future

At the moment we are focused on adding a new browser core based on Chromium, which will make it possible to add extensions from the Chrome Store to the browser, as well as the capability to connect automation via the Puppeteer, Playwright, Selenium APIs.

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