Undetectable on TabProxy

 Undetectable on TabProxy

Why choose TabProxy?

1. Enhance privacy and anonymity: TabProxy masks your real IP address and replaces it with a random IP address from its extensive pool of residential proxy servers.

2. Bypass geo-restrictions and access global content: With TabProxy, you can access websites and content that are restricted due to geographic location.

3. Protect your online accounts from fraud and attacks: TabProxy can help protect your online accounts from fraud and cyber attacks.

What are the advantages of TabProxy?

1、With unlimited concurrent sessions as well as unlimited bandwidth

2、With 99.99% connection success rate

3、With 100% pure IP resource pools

4、With 200m+ large traffic IP pools

5、With excellent 24/7 on-site human support

Quick Facts on TabProxy Pricing

Residential Proxies : Start at $0.7/GB

Datacenter Proxies : Start at $2.5/IP

ISP Proxies : Start at $3/IP


Step 1: Create or Login to TabProxy proxy

Open the TabProxy website and click on "Login" to log in. If you don't have an account, please click on the "Register" button to create your account.

Step 2: Enter TabProxy operation page

Login to your account, click the "Dashboard" button on the homepage to enter the operation page.

Step 3: Extract your IP Proxy

If you are unsure how to extract proxies using TabProxy, please go to the "Quick Start Guide" to explore our various programmes and find the one that best suits your needs!

Why use Undetectable

Undetectable.io - is an anti-detect browser designed to protect your online identity by altering digital fingerprints of your device, such as OS, cookies, languages, User-Agent, fonts, and more. It even covers mobile device fingerprints. When used with a proxy, it enables the creation and management of multiple unique browser profiles with their own settings and extensions, preventing websites from identifying any connections between them. It is ideal for managing accounts, crypto-wallets, and web scraping.

What sets this service apart from competitors?

The developers of Undetectable regularly update the Chromium core, allowing profiles to blend more seamlessly with the average internet user crowd. The service has maintained a stable uptime of 99.99% for three years. The program is optimized to handle over 5,000 profiles and comes in three versions: for Windows 10/11, for macOS devices with M1/M2 processors, and for macOS with Intel processors.

Among its standout features are:

  • Mass profile creation;
  • Automatic cookie farming;
  • Managers for mass proxy and extension operations;
  • Action automation through an API;
  • The 'Paste like a human' feature, which emulates human behavior in text pasting to reduce the risk of automation detection;
  • A synchronizer that allows simultaneous management of multiple browser profiles. Your actions in the main window will be replicated in other windows, like typing, opening new tabs, etc.

Unique security technologies allow you to store your profiles locally on your device, in the cloud, or on your own server. Suitable for team collaboration, with over 33 customizable permission settings.

Step 4: Login to Undetectable fingerprint browser

Step 5: Configure proxy file information


-Click "Proxy" to enter the proxy configuration page.

-Enter "Agent" and click "+".

-Fill in your unique name in "Proxy Name".

-Select "SOCKS5" and paste the proxy file obtained from TabProxy into the appropriate location.

-Click on "Check Proxy" to check if there are any exceptions in the fetched proxy.

-Click on "Check Proxy" to check if there are any exceptions in the fetched proxy, if there are no exceptions, you can use the proxy browser to link to the web.