Undetectable Browser 2.12 Update: Improvements in Fingerprints and Convenience

Undetectable Browser 2.12 Update: Improvements in Fingerprints and Convenience

In the latest update of Undetectable Browser 2.12, several important substitutions have been improved, and small features have been added to enhance convenience.

Improvements to Fingerprints

In version 2.12, both minor substitutions, such as Headers, whose order now corresponds to a regular browser, and more significant improvements have been made:


Enhanced MediaDevices Substitution

An important change in the new version of the browser is the improvement of the substitution of information about connected media devices, such as cameras and microphones. This information, known as MediaDevices, is now taken from our configurations, making your online footprint even more realistic.

Important! Security of Your Camera and Microphone

However, it is important to remember about security. Never grant websites permission to access your camera or microphone. Otherwise, the substitution of information about your devices in the profile may be compromised, potentially threatening your online privacy. We are working to bypass this limitation.

Disabling WebGPU and SpeechSynthesis Substitutions in the Advanced Tab

To have more flexible control over your online profile, we have added the ability to disable substitutions of information about your graphics card and installed speech packages in the system in the Advanced tab.


Some websites may perceive these substitutions as a threat, which can lead to restricted access.

More Realistic Configurations for Android

For profiles with configurations that mimic Android-based mobile devices, we have added the navigator.contacts parameter. This makes configurations for mobile devices even more realistic and allows you to simulate the behavior of real devices.

More Convenient

Even More Realistic: Paste like Human

The Paste like Human feature, which simulates text pasting, has become slightly slower, making your online activity more natural.

Profile Information on the Taskbar

On the Windows taskbar, when hovering over the profile icon, the profile name and website name will now be displayed. This simplifies navigation and makes it easier to track your online activity.


Additionally, the profile name is now briefly displayed on the icon itself in the taskbar.

Bug Fixes and Support for Special Language Characters

We have also focused on fixing some bugs, including adding support for special language characters in proxy passwords to improve the overall stability and functionality of the browser. In addition, the WebRTC substitution with IPv6 has been fixed.

Future Plans

Last but not least, the update to Chrome version 118 is planned in the near future, which means that you will always be one step ahead in terms of online security and functionality.