Profile Synchronizer in Undetectable browser: guide and instructions

Profile Synchronizer in Undetectable browser: guide and instructions

The Profile Sync function allows you to perform the same actions simultaneously in multiple profiles. Once the synchronization is enabled, your actions in the main window will be automatically reproduced or synchronized in other windows. For example, typing text, opening new tabs, scrolling through social networks, managing extensions, and more.

Step-by-step guide to using the Sync feature

The Sync feature is available to all Undetectable browser users on any paid plan. To use it, follow these steps:

  1. Open the profiles in which you want to perform synchronous actions. To quickly launch them, you can use the profile manager. Open the profile manager, select the desired profiles, and launch them. You can also use mass creation if there are no profiles at all.
  1. Select "Sync" in the main menu.
  1. Select the profiles you want to synchronize. You can select all open profiles at once using a special checkbox. At this stage, you can also determine which window will be the main one and which will be subordinate. Simply select the profile in the table that you want to make the main one, click the three dots next to it, and select "Make the main".
  1. Click "Start Sync".

  2. Now you can adjust the window layout. You can automatically arrange them in a cascade, in one or two lines, or bring the main profile window to the foreground.


Optionally, you can change the main window during operation, restart the synchronization if something goes wrong, open a tab identical to the one in the main profile, or close all tabs in all profiles and open an inserted link.

❗ Currently, the Sync feature is only available on Windows. If you encounter any errors during operation, please contact technical support.

Working with a subordinate profile

If you need to perform an action in one subordinate window without affecting other subordinate windows, simply do it. Such actions will not interrupt the synchronization, and when you return to managing the main profile, synchronization will continue to work as usual. This allows you to enter passwords, perform authorizations, and so on. In general, in any situation where actions should not be completely identical.

Why you need the Sync feature

This is the perfect solution for those who want to automate their workflow without special skills in script writing and API usage.

  • Suitable for airdrops and any cryptocurrency farming activities.
  • Helps effectively warm up accounts on social networks.
  • Can be used for quickly posting ads, advertisements, products, and services on multiple bulletin boards simultaneously, and more.
  • Useful for data collection.

In general, the functionality is limited only by your imagination.