Free License! x2 Configurations for Halloween 2023 | Undetectable

Free License! x2 Configurations for Halloween 2023 | Undetectable

Halloween - not only the time of pumpkin lanterns and witch costumes, but also an opportunity to change your digital appearance in the virtual world. Undetectable invites everyone to a magnificent journey through the world of online camouflage and limitless possibilities!

Double the purchase of configurations

Can Halloween be celebrated without a good disguise? The configurations store is always open, and during the holiday period, purchases become 50% more profitable!

By depositing funds into the configurations store balance from October 16th to November 3rd, you will receive twice as much! This offer is valid for all Undetectable users.

Please note that the balance in the configurations store cannot be used to purchase licenses or refund funds to the main account.


Free transition to Undetectable

You can read and watch reviews to choose the best product. Or you can try it completely for free! If you have a paid license in another anti-detection browser, we will provide you with a similar one in terms of functionality and remaining duration!

Simply register and write to support with the message "Replacement". After verifying the honesty, we will grant you free access so that you and your team can try Undetectable browser in action.


Why try Undetectable browser?

For professionals, there is the ability to manage browser fingerprints and functionality to simplify work: a cookies bot for profile warming, synchronizer, mass profile creation and import, API, "Paste like a human," and much more.

Competitive advantages of Undetectable include unique technologies:

  • 3 ways to store browser profiles: locally on your device, in the cloud, or on your own server. Eliminate the risks associated with the security of third-party storage, especially when it comes to accounts and crypto wallets.
  • Unlimited local profiles on any paid plan (starting from $49). Since they are stored on your device, you don't waste time synchronizing with servers, ensuring high fault tolerance.
  • Fingerprint substitution is performed within the browser kernel, not with JavaScript, which provides greater reliability than many existing products on the market.
  • Browser fingerprints are available in the store for up to $1/piece. All existing operating systems and browsers are supported. Free configurations are regularly updated more than twice a month.
  • Customizable and granular access settings. Over 33 permission settings for team work. Divide cloud profiles into groups to manage accounts according to the team structure. View profile logs.
  • Undetectable is based on Chromium with the ability to install and manage extensions! It supports working with devtools, notifications, site permissions, and other standard Chrome tools. It also works with popular automation libraries such as Puppeteer, Playwright, Selenium. The API works with Chromium flags.
  • Regular and fast updates of the Chromium core to the latest versions.


Undetectable is optimized to work on various operating systems. There are 3 versions: for Windows 10/11, for macOS on M1/M2 processors, and for macOS on Intel processors.

Working on large projects will be a pleasure. Undetectable can load over 5000 profiles in a couple of seconds. It supports mass work with cloud and local profiles.

And conveniences

Easy and fast profile creation. Support for hotkeys, intuitive account import using Drag&Drop, dark theme, and much more:

  • Bookmarks can be imported from any Chromium-based browser.
  • There is a quick proxy check in the general list of profiles.
  • For convenient navigation, there are folders, tags, and groups of cloud profiles. Tags can be customized to suit your needs.
  • There is a usage frequency counter for configurations in profiles. Configurations can be named.
  • The profile manager has a function to update the browser version in the profile.
  • A memory optimization feature that allows automatically clearing unnecessary cache of profiles when they are closed.
  • The profile settings include a checkbox to enable/disable the import of outdated cookies.
  • Have you ever had a situation where you couldn't find the window of an open profile? The quick search function for the desired window is designed specifically for such situations!
  • You can copy all profile information with a single button.
  • Notes about the profile can be saved on the fly and quickly copied.

Replacement conditions

  1. The offer is valid only for new users who have not previously had paid Undetectable licenses.
  2. Payment in another anti-detection browser must be made before October 17th.
  3. Support accepts requests until November 3rd, 2023, inclusive.
  4. The maximum period for which we provide bonus access is 6 months.

Register, contact support, and get a free license!