Undetectable 2.18: What's New

Undetectable 2.18: What's New

Upgrading to version 2.18 of the Undetectable browser represents a suite of enhancements aimed at optimizing your online experience and bolstering your digital anonymity. Let's explore what's new and exciting in this latest version.

Chromium Engine Update to Version 123: Blending in with the Crowd

Updating to the latest version of the Chromium engine is not just about staying current; it's an opportunity to blend seamlessly with the vast number of internet users. Transitioning to Chromium version 123 ensures compatibility with the latest web standards and security features, making your online experience indistinguishable from the majority. This provides a more secure, stable, and undetectable presence online, which is critically important for those prioritizing trust and privacy.

Enhanced API: Cookie Management and Time Zones

The API now boasts finer control over your digital footprint. It introduces the ability to clear cookies specific to a profile without affecting other data. This selective cookie clearing helps better manage your profiles and sessions.

It's now easier to manipulate time zones, thanks to a new API feature for fetching a list of time zones and setting them for each profile. This feature is critical for users who automate management of multiple accounts across different locations, as it supports compliance with local time, further enhancing disguise.

Proxy IP Address Copy Feature

A convenient button for copying the proxy IP address has been introduced, simplifying the process of managing and testing different proxies. When you reveal profile details and check the proxy, the IP address will be highlighted and ready to copy with a single click.

Proxy Cloning Feature

A new option is available in the proxy manager. You can now copy proxy settings by right-clicking and selecting "Clone." In the clone, you can change a couple of necessary parameters without the need to manually transfer all other settings.

Revamped Settings Menu

The "General" tab in the settings menu has been redesigned for improved user interaction and easier navigation. The menu is now more organized, options are clearly delineated, and overall accessibility has been enhanced.

Profile Name Hiding

A new checkbox option has been added to the settings, allowing you to hide the profile name in the browser's address bar. For those who prefer the clean look of Chrome or work in a shared space and wish to increase the level of confidentiality, this small feature can make a big impact.

In Conclusion

In the end, updating the Undetectable browser to version 2.18 is not just a routine update; it's a strategic enhancement that strengthens your digital anonymity. Whether you're a privacy advocate, a digital marketer, or someone who simply values their online autonomy, these updates are designed to keep you one step ahead in the digital world.