Leaksradar, Website Generator, Cookie Converter: Service Description on Undetectable Browser

Leaksradar, Website Generator, Cookie Converter: Service Description on Undetectable Browser

In the "Resources" section of the main menu of Undetectable Browser, there are three services available: Leaksradar, Website Generator, and Cookie File Converter. Let's take a look at what these services are for and how they can help arbitrageurs.

Leaksradar - Allows checking the browser replacement

This free service allows anyone to find out what information different websites obtain about them. Leaksradar also provides recommendations for increasing anonymity.

With Leaksradar, every arbitrageur can find out if advertisers, social networks, and malicious actors can identify them.

A website visitor can be identified by:

  • Cookies
  • IP address
  • Screen resolution
  • Operating system version
  • Fonts
  • Hardware identification numbers
  • Battery charge

Advantages of the service:

  • Leaksradar shows accurate information that other websites obtain: browser, IP address, internet provider, language, WebGL, WebRTC, geolocation, and Canvas.
  • Interactive checks that indicate browser configuration issues. This helps avoid website blocks that detect these issues.
  • Recommendations for changing settings and installing extensions to hide the information obtained by websites.
  • Intuitive interface. The data can be viewed on a single page.

Leaksradar allows protection against persistent advertising, hackers, and blocks on various platforms. The service can also be used to test private browsers for leaks.

Website Generator - Quickly creates a list of websites for bots

Undetectable is equipped with a smart cookie bot. With its help, the process of collecting cookies is automated, saving arbitrageurs hours of visiting websites in the required geolocation for each account.

You can manually upload a list of necessary websites or use the convenient website generator.

The popular website generator is a service that creates random lists of popular websites according to the desired geolocation for running campaigns. The generated lists can be used for warming up browser profiles, collecting cookies through scripts, or in cookie bots.

The website generator is already integrated into the cookie bot, so it is enough to select the geolocation and profiles for which cookies need to be collected.

The bot will sequentially launch profiles in headless mode and open pages from the list according to the settings. It can spend a specified amount of time on each website and perform internal transitions.

Cookie File Converter - Converts cookies from NETSCAPE to JSON

The free converter quickly converts cookies from NETSCAPE format to JSON for importing into extensions or anti-detection browsers. This tool is useful for arbitrageurs, webmasters, SEO specialists, and SMM managers. Thanks to this service, launching Facebook accounts, setting up advertising campaigns, and search engine optimization become more effective and faster.

Cookie files are used in the farming process. Before registering an account, it is necessary to collect cookies to create a browsing history. This increases the trust of the account and reduces the risk of blocking.

To collect cookies, Undetectable provides the cookie bot tool. It automatically visits the required websites, saving the arbitrageur's time.

The collected cookies in JSON format are exported to a file and then transferred to an anti-detection browser for farming. To transfer a purchased Facebook account to a created profile, cookies also need to be imported. Usually, these files are in Netscape format, and to quickly convert them to JSON, you will need our converter. The JSON format for cookies is universal. It is suitable for all anti-detection browsers and extensions.

How to use the converter:

  • Paste cookies in Netscape format into the upper field.
  • Click "Convert".
  • Get the result in JSON in the lower field.


Undetectable provides useful tools aimed at reducing the time for arbitrageurs, allowing them to get rid of routine tasks and increase profits. Use our free built-in services - Leaksradar, Website Generator, and Cookie File Converter - to take your business to a new level!