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How to properly farm Facebook accounts

How to properly farm Facebook accounts

A perfumed account is the key to a successful campaign and to a long life of an advertising account. In the eyes of Facebook algorithms, such a profile is indistinguishable from the profile of an ordinary user.

Algorithms already "know" which accounts with unusual and overly active behavior are potential offenders. For example, if a person has just registered and immediately runs ads - it's a guaranteed ban. Experienced arbitrageurs advise to warm up the profile for at least 1 month before launching.

Preparation for Farming

For farming you need:

  • Qualitative proxies. For FB, mobile or resident proxies are fine. Geo must coincide with the geo of the offerer.
  • Virtual machine. Needed to create unique hard drive components, video cards, run different operating systems as applications.
  • Antidetectable Browser. Lets you work with multiple accounts, hide digital fingerprints. Undetectable Browser is great for this purpose.
  • Account Photo. Can be generated with the help of neural network This person does not exist or an analogue.

How to farm a Facebook account

Here's a step-by-step algorithm:

1. Register or buy an account. If an account is created by yourself - you need to reset your smartphone, use different sim cards. You can also create an account on your PC through an anti-detect browser. You will need to get cookies beforehand by going to the sites where Facebook Pixel stands.

2. Fill in your profile information, upload photos, add 2-5 people as your friends. May subscribe to 2 or 3 dating groups, post that you want to get acquainted. For FB, it is more desirable that a person accepts more friend requests than he sends.

3. Sign out of the account for a day. FB considers it unnatural behavior if a user immediately started subscribing to many groups and inviting many friends after registration. After a day, you can go in and subscribe to 5 more groups.

4. Act like a normal user for the next week. You can flip through the feed, subscribe to groups, like photos and posts, watch videos, comment, invite friends, play games, register on other sites and services via FB.

If you need to farm another account during this period, you will need to reset your device settings, clear the cache on FB and other applications that interacted with FB.

All actions for farming should be logical and well thought out. For example, it is better to subscribe to groups of the same subject, which should coincide with the interests indicated in the profiles. Before adding a person as a friend, it is desirable to be on his profile, like the posts. It is important to observe the limits: no more than 25 likes per day, no more than 5 reposts.

5. Create a Fan Page. It can be done on the 7th day. You should create a Fan Page in different ways on each account, so that algorithms won't be able to calculate that one and the same person acts.

**6. Create a Business Manager in the second week of pharma.***

7. Continue social activity. Click on Facebook ads in your feed, post on your Fan Page.

8. Attach a card. Preferably on day 10-14, or later. The card may be virtual, but must have a trust BIN and not blacklisted by Facebook.

Run ads for reach, "Like" marks, or video views. Sufficiently set a time limit of 2 days, with a budget of $1-2 per day. This will get the account ready to spill.

10. Post a creative on the Fan Page that will be used in the campaign. The post with the creo should also be promoted for a while to see if it passes moderation. If all goes well, the creo can be added to the Ads Manager and start running.


Farming an account saves the arbitrator time and money and allows him to launch a campaign efficiently. However, this is not magic, which will save from bans forever. Algorithms are updated, FB can mark some actions as suspicious. If you repeat actions in the same way, even using an anti-detect browser, sooner or later FB will block the entire chain of accounts.

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