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Update Undetectable to version 2.16.0

Update Undetectable to version 2.16.0

Undetectable, your trusted anti-detect browser, is pleased to present its latest update - version 2.16. In this article, we will look at the main changes and improvements that will make your user experience even more comfortable and secure.

Updating Chromium kernel to version 121

One of the key changes in the new version is the update of the Chromium kernel to version 121. This ensures better “blending in with the crowd”, a more stable and faster browser experience, and support for the latest technological changes.

Improved fingerprints (configurations)

In this update, minor changes have been made to improve fingerprints (configurations). Now replacing fonts in new configurations has become more efficient. In addition, the configuration store now more accurately determines the operating system version. In the future, an improved definition will be added to the program.

Creating a profile with an unknown UA

Now, when creating a profile with an unknown User Agent (UA), the Accept Language values will be automatically filled with default values, which provides more efficient and convenient use.

Timeout in profile launch order

A timeout has been introduced in the profile launch sequence. If a profile does not start within a minute, the system will generate an error and automatically start the next profile in the queue, providing a smoother experience.

Convenient controls

Editing saved proxies in profile settings: Now you can easily edit saved proxies directly from your profile settings.

Search by accounts in a running profile: Added the ability to search in the “accounts” tab in the settings of a running profile for more convenient management.

Mass installation of proxies through the profile manager: Now in the profile manager you can select several profiles and assign them several proxies, which will be installed one by one.

Setting the start page for new profiles: Added the function of setting the start page for profiles during the creation process. Previously, this option existed only after saving the profile.

Bulk installation of start page and launch options via profile manager: You can now bulk install start page and launch options via profile manager to save time.

Corrected mistakes

  • An issue resulting in the Private storage setting disappearing and profiles not being created
  • Related to the use of the --headless=new flag
  • In Android configurations in which touch screen emulation did not work correctly on restored tabs.

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