Update 2.0 Undetected: new Chrome core and extensions

Update 2.0 Undetected: new Chrome core and extensions

New browser engine, WebGL 2.0, and extension installation

A second browser, "Undetected," has been added based on Chromium with WebGL 2.0 support and the ability to install extensions. Extensions, as before, will not work on the WebEngine core.

Undetected supports working with devtools and other standard Chrome tools (automatic page translation, etc.).

The choice of the engine appears when creating a new profile and is subsequently displayed in the main menu.

Important: Existing profiles on WebEngine cannot be transferred to the Undetected core. You can create a new profile on the Undetected core by selecting the previously used fingerprint on WebEngine and transferring cookies with accounts.

Currently, the Undetectable team plans to support two browser engines.

Introducing the browser extension manager

The new manager allows you to add extensions to all profiles on the Undetected core, delete or deactivate them as needed.


️To activate Undetectable 2.0, it is necessary to delete the current version of the program, download and install the new one.

Mass import of accounts from datasets

Significant improvements have been made to mass profile creation. Now, profiles can be created not only from configurations but also from lists of User-Agents, Cookies, using the new universal format (Name, Cookies, Proxy-type, Proxy, User-Agents, Notes).

Optimization of the mass profile creation interface

The interface for mass profile creation has become simpler. More detailed default settings are hidden.

Friendship between the top website generator and the cookies bot

We have integrated the popular website generator into the cookies bot. Recall that the popular website generator is a web utility that allows you to compile a list of the most popular websites by country, which can then be used to prepare accounts and collect cookies.

Simply open the cookies bot, select the profiles, the desired country, and the number of sites the robot should visit. Profile warming has never been easier!

We do not limit your ability to use your own list of websites for the cookies bot.

It is important to note that in this update, the cookies bot only works with profiles on the WebEngine core. In future updates, it will also work with profiles on the Undetected core.

The popular website generator is available to everyone

Top Websites Generator - a utility available to every visitor to our website, without registration and SMS.

Fixed bugs related to:

  1. Saving browser profiles;
  2. Sending profiles to cloud storage.

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