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How to use AstroProxy with Undetectable?

How to use AstroProxy with Undetectable?

AstroProxy is one of the most trusted proxy websites we’ve checked. It offers to buy residential and mobile proxies, and states that it has the best datacenter proxies. Pricing rates are reasonable. And here’s the list of the main advantages of this service we’ve drawn up for you:

  • Reliable residential and mobile geo targeted proxies in 20+ countries. Proxy connection is established through real domestic devices. So IP addresses belong to pools of domestic ISPs and mobile carriers.
  • All proxies are dynamic. Whatever proxies you order, you may change the external IP at any time. It could be done by timer, for each new connection or on demand (by API command also). The new IP lies in the same geolocation (country, city, provider) as the previous one.
  • Really high uptime of 99.9%. Usually this is just a slogan, but AstroProxy monitors its proxy pool thoroughly, and bans inactive and flagged IPs.
  • User-friendly web interface. All settings are combined on one page. Select a proxy type, its geolocation, pricing rate, or amount of traffic needed without changing web pages. “Statistic” button to control proxies usage is placed here too.
  • Flexible pricing rates. AstroProxy mostly relies on traffic packages (from 100 MB to 300 GB), although it offers Unlimited and Pay-as-you-go tariffs. It’s an opportunity to buy residential and mobile proxies, and best datacenter proxies for a reasonable price. No need to worry that you’ll lose unused bandwidth. Just extend it for another month, without any loss of money and time.
  • API with a built-in command editor, and ready-made settings for using proxy with OpenVPN. Available for Windows, MacOs, Android, iOS. All traffic may be run through an encrypted tunnel without additional settings.
  • A unique referral system (RevShare). You get 10% of every payment made by users who joined AstroProxy by your personal affiliate link.
  • Free proxy test with no restrictions on IPs and function. A bonus amount is added to your personal account. So you are free to buy residential and mobile proxies.

A full review of AstroProxy and a nice bonus - a 10% discount on proxy purchases in our article.

Now let's talk about connecting the AstroProxy service to our proven anti-detect browser - Undetectable.

A guide to connecting AstroProxy to Undetectable

First, you need proxies to get. We advise you take a closer look at buying geo targeted proxies (mobile and residential), as they are best suited for Undetectable. On, you get a port with a whole-range access to the entire pool of IP addresses. These are your individual proxies, and an external IP could be changed any moment.

To get your geo targeted proxies, click the "Order Port" button.

Next, specify the required parameters: choose a connection Name (1), Network type (of proxy) and Geolocation (3), then a frequency and principle of changing external IP (4). Find the suitable amount of traffic (5).

Mind that our promo code “” guarantees you a 10% discount (2)!

Next, click the "Save" button (5) and confirm the proxy order.

Now you should copy the IP address and port number to the clipboard. You can do it two ways: manually (if you have one or two proxies), or by exporting all proxies from the list to the file “ports.txt”. It's convenient when there are a lot of proxy addresses, and typing them all manually will take too long.

Method 1: Manual

You may copy a separate IP (1), or the entire address at once (2, 3): IP, port, username and password. It’s a nice move to offer both HTTP(S) (2) and SOCKS (3) proxies at once, as AstroProxy does. Copy Login and Password (4) from boxes on the right. Then launch the Undetectable browser.

Method 2: Automatic

Click the “Export to file all” button (5). A pop-up window will appear.

You'd better leave the settings unchanged, because it’s enough to use parameters indicated in brackets to connect geo-targeted proxies to anti-detect browser. Also, if you want to add an automatic IP change by API, you’ll need to add the “{link}” key in the string.

Copy the necessary data and open the Undetectable browser.

Click the "Proxy" button in the menu, and a new window will open - the “Proxy Manager”. There’ll be all the IPs that you’re connecting to the browser. You can link any of them to an existing profile - or attach them to a newly created one.

Two ways to add proxies from trusted proxy websites are the same as we’ve already seen on the AstroProxy page.

Method 1: Add new proxy manually

Click the "New proxy" button (2).

In the pop-up window, select the protocol (HTTP or SOCKS), and paste the copied information. To get a link for changing IP via API, go back to the AstroProxy website. Click on the indicated button on the left (1). Next, click one of the GET commands (2), and copy the resulting URL (3).

After that, go back to the “” settings and paste the copied hyperlink into the "IP change link" box. Check the proxy, and save it.

Method 2: Bulk import

Click the “Import” button (1).

If you have exported the proxy list from the AstroProxy site with default settings, the "Format" box in our browser should look like shown in the image above. Select the saved file "ports.txt", click “Add Proxy”. And all the proxies got from trusted proxy websites should appear on the list.

Check the proxy. The status should be "Active". That’s all y’all!

Now you can add the proxies to a new or already existing profile through the main menu. Combine the excellent functionality of Undetectable browser with the high-trusted rotating proxies from AstroProxy, and guarantee yourself an efficient and secure work on the Web!

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