How to use Proxy-Seller with an anti-detect browser

It is better to use Undetectable browser and other products for anonymous work with the support of a trusted proxy service. Today we will introduce such a partner who has been confidently occupying a leading position in the market for 8 years. This is a Proxy-seller, an overview of the capabilities, of which we will begin with the presentation of a profitable offer.

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Proxy-Seller: two main advantages and many positive additions

From the user's point of view, a proxy server must meet two main requirements: to work stably in terms of the own equipment and in terms of blocking by visited resources. That is, no one wants that service hangs up, does not respond to requests, which makes it necessary to make a call to a technical support...

Also, nobody has desire to be responsible for other people's mistakes; and such situations arise when using proxy servers (IP addresses) together. In such a case, one user causes, for example, as a result of inexperienced actions, a response from the anti-spam algorithm of Instagram. Then another user of the same proxy, although he did not commit dangerous actions, is faced with the inability to work due to IP blocking.

If you use Proxy-Seller services, it is almost impossible to face such problems. The main advantages of this proxy service are:

• Stable time and speed operation

• Offering only individual IP addresses

The main advantages are complemented by many others:

• There are no restrictions on the volume of traffic, the possible speed is 1 Gbit/s

• All necessary protocols are offered: HTTP, HTTPS, SOCKS5

• Technical support works around the clock and is characterized by a quick response

• Address rotation – for long-term contract, one or a group of used IP addresses can be replaced on request once a month

• The service regularly introduces new servers, expands the proxy list

Special attention deserves a rather wide range of proxy server geolocation options from Proxy-Seller: at the time of writing this article, these are 22 countries. Yes, there are some services on the market with a large number of national binding options, but experience has shown that proxies in two dozen of the most popular countries are sufficient in the vast majority of cases.

Where it works successfully

Due to the advantages described in the previous section, the Proxy-Seller service is successfully used for:

• Remaining anonymity on the Internet

• Bypassing antispam algorithms of social networks, Google Adwords, searching services

• Working with dozens and hundreds of accounts in social networks and other resources

• Parsing data from online stores and other trading platforms

• Mass posting on electronic bulletin boards

• Collecting information from betting websites

Of course, this is an incomplete list, there are other applications for a functional proxy.

Setting up an Undetectable browser to work through Proxy-Seller servers

The instructions for setting up the use of the Undetectable browser with a proxy from Proxy-seller are simple and do not differ significantly from options with other services. Detailed answers to all questions are given in the documentation on Therefore, here we will just tell you that there are two ways to enter a proxy in the created Undetectable browser profiles:

• Individual

• Mass – using Proxy Manager and templates

In the first case, the necessary parameters (name, protocol, address, port, password) are entered in the program window by filling in the appropriate fields. This option is convenient when checking or creating a unique virtual user for a special task. It is more convenient to generate multiple profiles using many proxies with the help of the Proxy Manager. This tool offers to export a template, which is then convenient to fill in and edit in text form with the ability to copy in blocks, paste, delete, etc. After filling in the template, you need to use the "Import" button to enter dozens or hundreds of proxies into the program profiles at once.


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