How to use SmartProxy with an anti-detect browser

The task of this and other articles on our website is not offering some kind of the best proxy service. As in any other field, there is no single right solution for all occasions. The best option is chosen based on individual requirements and the results of the competitive practices. Therefore, our task is to briefly describe the various services, their main features and advantages, so that users make an informed choice. Today we present an overview of Smartproxy. We will also briefly tell you about configuring the antidetect browser to work with this service.

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Once again, we remind you that the main thing when choosing is an objective assessment of the technical and other capabilities of the proxy service. The discount in this case is a secondary factor, but it is also unreasonably to miss the opportunity to get rid of a fifth of expenses. Our partnerships will help you get a considerable discount. Go to the Smartproxy website, enter the promo code "undetectable20" when registering. After that, when ordering specific services, you will get a 20 % discount from the service.

Smartproxy: description of the main features and benefits for users

The main advantages of this service rightly include:

  • 40 million IP addresses
  • georeferenced servers in 195 regions
  • Automatic proxy rotation
  • Practically free testing of all features without exception

The dry statement in the form of a list should be supplemented with comments. What are 40 million IP addresses? These are 2-3 of the world's largest megacities, in which every resident constantly has an Internet connection. Since all citizens do not use continuous round-the-clock connection, it is reasonable to compare it with the 5-7 largest megacities. This comparison is given in order to show that Smartproxy uses such a wide network of IP addresses that its detection and blocking by anti–spam systems is almost impossible.

Smartproxy proxy servers are located in the USA and EU countries, but more accurate georeferencing to 195 regions is also provided. It is important to emphasize this, since search engines and many other Internet services have been working for a long time taking into account not only the country, but also its region in it. In this matter, Smartproxy also keeps up with the times and offers users the most relevant options.

Automatic proxy rotation is used to bypass anti-spam algorithms and prevent blocking IP addresses. At the same time, the user does not have to worry about anything. – Undetectable browser or other software for anonymous work on the network continues to do its job without interruptions. But at this time, Smartproxy automatically continuously changes the IP addresses from which requests for target resources are received. In this way, the work of many users from different addresses is emulated.

Some potential clients believe that a free check of proxy services at the first stage is mandatory. And if such an opportunity is not provided, then they immediately look for another option. Such an approach is correct, but it is important to consider the details. Technically, Smartproxy does not offer a free trial, but gives a 3-day money-back guarantee. Thus, in fact, the client receives a free test period for 3 days, and in a fully operational (not a special demo) mode, all services and options can be checked.

In what areas and how to use Smartproxy?

Due to the high "purity" of IP addresses and resistance to blocking, Smartproxy users successfully work in the following areas:

  • Web page parsing
  • Data collection for business, public, political projects
  • Promotion in social networks, work with multiple accounts
  • Testing the functionality and protection of web resources
  • Collecting betting information
  • Promotion in search engines

How to use Smartproxy with Undetectable browser

The first part of this article describes the registration process with obtaining a discount. After choosing and paying for a package of services, Smartproxy will provide information for work – host addresses, ports, passwords… Entering this information into the profiles of Undetectable browser virtual users is possible in two ways: individually and in a list.

The first option is suitable when using a small number of proxies – you need to enter the above data directly in the profile editing window. To enter lists, we recommend using the Proxy Manager tool. It provides the ability to export a template – this is a text file that contains an example of listing proxy data through character separators. In this format, using the capabilities of text editors, it is much easier to enter dozens or hundreds of parameters. Then you need just to click the "Import" button so that all the necessary settings are made in the Undetectable browser profiles.


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